502: The Binder of Babylon

Linking in from brown sector: Geeky ramblings are back, this time involving a show that’s making a minor – and well-deserved – comeback thanks to a much overdue facelift. And where this show is concerned, I was there, at the dawn of the nerd age of fankind… chronicling the show for myself with stuff that the studio sent out to the TV stations giving the series its original broadcast run. Does Babylon 5 still have things to say? Oh yes. Yes it does. Perhaps now more than ever. (1:44:32)

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Show notes page: https://www.thelogbook.com/thistape/502-the-binder-of-babylon/

Want to see inside the Binder of Babylon? Click the photo below. If you dare.
Binder of Babylon

For more memories specific to WACY and its Prime Time Invasion programming block, listen to episode 301: How To Make A Uniquely Wisconsin Sci-Fi Channel.

Perseverance goes ZOOM!
So. freakin’. nominal.

Anyone seen number one? A rogues’ gallery from this show’s action figure mentions…
Picard Jaxxon Number Six

The Marvel Legends Retro series also mentioned in this show’s action figure admiration rant…buy your own through the link below.
Marvel Retro Legends


Sleeping In Light
Six actors in an elevator in one of the last scenes of Babylon 5. Only one of them is still alive.

KPBI Master Control
KPBI Master Control, downtown Fort Smith, Arkansas, circa 1996-97.
This station does not still exist.