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theLogBook.comWelcome to theLogBook.com.

theLogBook.com is perhaps most famous for its science fiction episode guides, which originated in 1989 before most of us had heard of the Internet. Since then, theLogBook.com has become a diverse entertainment destination covering such things as DVDs, books, music, movies, and toys and collectibles. It has more recently become popular for the award-winning Phosphor Dot Fossils video game archive, covering many vintage favorites from the arcades of the 1970s and 80s to such home video game systems as the Atari 2600, Odyssey 2, ColecoVision, Intellivision, and others, all the way up through more modern games.

It’s hard to pin down a specific focus for theLogBook.com when its content sometimes seems to have no common thread – science fiction? Video games? Rock music? Soundtracks? Movies? Toys? The late 1970s and early 1980s gave rise to mass acceptance of science fiction in the media, video games, widespread interest in film soundtracks, and a new breed of toy collectors with the arrival of the Star Wars toy line. If you were growing up then, or if you were already grown up then and still thought it was cool, chances are you’ll like this site.

theLogBook.com is updated on a weekly basis with new content in several sections, as well as a weekly news page covering all of the above interests and other things you might find interesting. From time to time, additional sections will be updated, including movie reviews, collectibles, Scribblings From The Public Restroom Stalls Of The Gods (the blog of theLogBook.com’s webmaster, Earl Green), and interviews with those involved in the world of science fiction, video games, and more.

theLogBook.com is the brainchild of small-time television writer/producer/graphic artist Earl Green, though many areas now include content written by a dedicated staff of fans who have done a great deal to expand the scope and diversity of the site’s subject matter.

In a way, theLogBook.com has become the kind of web site its own creator would like to see more of – miles deep and hard to stop exploring. Along the way, it has accumulated a loyal following of other people who are interested in one or more of the same things. The creator and staff of theLogBook.com hope you find it entertaining, interesting… and hard to stop exploring.

Still have a question? Okay, drop us a line and we’ll answer you ASAP.

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