Jeremy Benner

  • Staff Writer

Jeremy BennerI have been a fan of Doctor Who for what seems like my whole life. As a Canadian, most of the television I was forced to watch as a child was from England. This led me to believe that Coronation Street was actually a documentary of real life events, and that Benny Hill was a comic genius. I spent many an hour with The Two Ronnies and The Tomorrow People, and unusually, Supermarionation does not induce horrific night-terrors. Doctor Who was my all-time favorite, and still is to this day. Of course, the problem this poses, is that I have nobody to share my passion with (that’s not to say that I don’t have a girlfriend, as one would expect of a person with my nerdling interests) except a select few freakish weirdos who, I think, might enjoy Doctor Who a little too much. But, thanks to a rogue eBay purchase, I hooked up with Earl Green, who enlisted me to share my thoughts on the Doctor Who books I read.

My spare time is taken up doing my seasonal job, which is servicing underground lawn sprinkler systems, which allows me ample time to read, and do various art projects. I also am a devoted hockey fan, and will one day be able to rub in the face of all the naysayers, the fact that the Vancouver Canucks did, in fact, win the Stanley Cup!

I live with my two cats, Chevy, (the stuck-up connoisseur who thinks Doctor Who is a kids’ show) and Dummy (who doesn’t think), and I entertain various other of the neighborhood feline population. My small circle of non-Who friends puts up with my obsession, though they probably don’t understand it, they are very supportive to me when I need them. My best friend of all is my ex-girlfriend, who helped me realize that there is more to life than me.

Feel free to e-mail me, as I’m very interested in what you think of my reviews.