Rob O’Hara

  • Staff Writer

Rob O'HaraRob is a prolific freelance writer and enjoys lending his writing abilities wherever needed. Rob has written DVD reviews for, was published in 2600: The Hacker Quarterly magazine, and recently wrote several MAME related articles for the O’Reilly book “101 Retro Gaming Hacks“. Currently Rob writes several regular columns, articles and reviews for Digital Press, a popular videogame related website.

Rob’s hobbies include listening to and playing music, watching movies, reading, writing, riding motorcycles and playing videogames. Rob’s upstairs gameroom includes tons of A/V equipment as well as over thirty different gaming consoles and classic computers connected to a surround sound system and video projector with an eight foot screen, while his infamous home arcade (which contains over 20 full-size video arcade games) is downstairs awaiting your quarters.

During the day, Rob is a Senior Network Engineer for the FAA. When not sitting behind a keyboard or looking at a screen, Rob likes to spend time with his wife Susan and his children Mason and Morgan. In his “free time”, Rob is currently working with his wife on launching a technical training center in the Oklahoma City area.

You can visit Rob’s site here.