Dave Thomer

  • theLogBook.com Assistant Editor

Many moons ago, an unsuspecting high school student asked a fellow BBS poster to kindly explain what a fiddygibber was. Today that high school student holds a Ph.D in philosophy. This may be a coincidence, or this may be definitive proof of the cosmic importance of fiddygibbers. Either way, the result is that when I’m not teaching philosophy courses at colleges in Philadelphia, or musing about the prospects for John Dewey’s theory of democracy, I can often be found here at theLogBook. That is, when I can pry the keyboard away from my daughter.

Since Earl was kind enough to let me play in his sandbox, I returned the favor and invited him to contribute to NotNews.org, which I used to call a webzine but have now transformed into a blog. There you’ll find some of the aformentioned musings on democracy, additional posts by my wonderful wife, and more discussion of the music, books, videos, and comics I talk about here. Hey, aesthetics and culture are crucial to democracy.