Paul Campbell

  • Co-Author, Star Trek: Voyager LogBook

I’m one of those folks who started watching Star Trek pretty early. I was 8 years old in 1966 and saw the very first episode in glorious black and white. Mom and Dad didn’t get a color TV until the late 70s.

I was in college at the University of Delaware when the first movie came out. Although I was really excited to see the franchise come out with some new material (the first since TAS in 1974), I found it an overly long rehash of The Changeling from the second TOS season. But since then I’ve discovered “the rule of even-numbered Trek films” and I really look forward to every other one, though I’ve noticed that this rule seems to have been broken following the introduction of the TNG films.

I get the distinct impression that I’m one of the few folks who really enjoys Voyager, but I make no apologies for it. It’s carrying the Trek franchise into the 21st century and doing quite a fine job of it. I was also pleased to note that DS9 wasn’t really running out of steam by the time it reached the end of its run. It just got better and better and I am looking forward to the eventual reuniting of that cast in a film too.

After college I worked in Broadcasting for 20 years while dabbling in computers on the side. These days I work in computers while dabbling in Broadcasting on the side. It was on the old FIDONet that I first discovered Earl’s Logbook and was proud to have helped for a couple of seasons, even if other obligations did take me away from regular contributions.