Jeff Godemann

  • Staff Writer

Jeff GodemannJeff Godemann was born in 1973. In 1977 he saw Star Wars for the first time and his life was changed forever. In late 1991 he joined the United States Air Force and has been serving his country as a meteorologist ever since. Those are pretty much the three defining moments in his life thus far. His interests include science fiction of many kinds, music, reading, space weather, and video games. Oh, and he’s also a fan of the Nebraska Cornhuskers (as people who see him in mostly Husker clothing can attest to). His duties in the USAF sometimes take him away from his hobbies, but that’s part and parcel with serving in the armed forces. Besides his deep love of Star Wars, he holds Deep Space Nine close to his heart as his favorite Star Trek incarnation, faithfully watches Stargate SG-1, Atlantis, and Battlestar Galactica, and continues his personal campaign to prove to the world that some sci-fi fans do have a life. Jeff got his start on-line on FidoNet, participating in the Star Wars and DS9 discussion groups. Since then, he has contributed to, Trek Nation, and the late VRE Online. Some of his older posts from FidoNet and old Usenet groups also pop up from time-to-time around the Internet. Jeff is married to the wonderful Valinda (who lets his toy collection dominate the house decor) and considers Madison, Nebraska his home, regardless of wherever the Air Force has stuck him for the time being (right now being Minot AFB, ND).