Robert Parson

  • Staff Writer since 1994

Robert ParsonRobert Parson is an award winning radio reporter and is currently News Director of a Christian radio station in south Michigan. Robert has a taste for obscure movies and TV shows. He was a soft spot in his heart for Japanese monster movies and Cold War era nuclear scare movies. Putting his investigative skills to work, he spent endless hours researching the job status of Barney Rubble only to conclude that Barney has no job.

He recently endured a poorly animated, poorly translated Italian version of “The Three Musketeers,” but still found great amounts of humor in it. The theme song was especially catchy and cannot be excised from his head to this day.

He is looking forward to a sequel to Reptilicus, even though there isn’t one planned.

Robert was once quoted as saying “Disco was unappreciated as an art form.” Fortunately, his office is next door to a licensed psychologist.

Judy, Robert’s wife, is planning on rededicating their wedding vows for their 15th wedding anniversary this year. He says he may instead return her to her parents for a full refund. Their three children are all smarter than he is, and don’t say stupid things like that.

You can visit Robert’s site here.