Cindy Hill

  • Staff Writer & Convention Correspondent

I’ve been a Star Trek fan since Shatner was a pup, and a science fiction afficionado since I discovered reading. My first foray into SF was with Heinlein’s “Stranger In A Strange Land”. I was hooked from the start, and following up with the John Carter of Mars series and prodigious amounts of Asimov, Orwell and Bradbury didn’t hurt. I was in line for the first showing of the first Trek movie and haven’t missed one since. When The Next Generation came on the air in 1987, I was in Star Trek heaven. Around that time I became involved in FidoNet and eventually wound up moderating the Deep Space Nine echomail area. It was also about that time when I began attending the local SF conventions, and being inherently incapable of keeping my thoughts to myself, I started writing con reports. Earl Green, brave young soul that he is, offered to publish the things, so that’s how I got involved with him and the LogBook. I have the entire run of DSNine on videotape and can easily say that it was my favorite incarnation of Gene’s universe.

My life doesn’t seem nearly as interesting, though. I am trained as a medical laboratory assistant and phlebotomist, worked in that field for several years, then became sidetracked by motherhood. I have two wonderful children, a son and a daughter, both of whom I homeschool mainly because of my mistrust of the way the government school system works. We work as volunteers at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science, my son is a member of the Civil Air Patrol and an avid military buff, my daughter is a serious soccer player & fan and an excellent artist. When I’m online, I love to participate in web activism and to visit free donations sites. Politically I’m just shy of being Libertarian; basically I lean toward less government and more personal accountability.

I like to express myself through the written word, but also through body art – I have three tattoos and am planning to get more. I adore reading and am a Constant Reader of Stephen King, but I will read just about any kind of fiction novel I can get my hands on. We have two beautiful female cats, Shadow and Mouse; they’re the best furry creatures I’ve ever voluntarily fed.