Jared Bottorff

  • Staff Writer

Hello Americans, I’m Paul Harvey! In a minute, you’ll hear…the rest of the story!

November 27, 1987. In a small house, in the middle of a town called Scottsbluff, Nebraska, a baby boy was born. He grew up, and moved around to various states inside the US, including Colorado, Minnesota and Texas, before finally settling in Missouri. There, he first developed a love of music, learning how to play such instruments as the piano and drumset.

It was that love of music that lead him to develop tastes outside his normal listening spectrum. A little jazz here, a little rock there…he instantly latched unto progressive rock, a genre hated and reviled by many. He also took a liking to video games from all eras — one of his favorite consoles was the Sega Master System, another item overlooked by the masses.

After graduating from high school, he was approached by a bearded man, asking if he would write for the web site that he was currently running. Since writing was another one of his favorite hobbies, he thought that he could put his knowledge of music in written form to good use. He accepted the bearded man’s offer, and soon began to write. Today, his articles are read the world over…because the bearded man’s name was Earl Green, and the boy who was born in the small town in Scottsbluff, Nebraska was none other than Jared Bottorff.

And now, you know…the rest of the story! Good day!