501: The Apple Episode

HGR2: You think I’m a pretty basic podcast host? Oh baby, I am totally a BASIC podcast host. It’s a memory core dump from the early days of Commodore PETs and the mighty Apple IIe-compatible Franklin ACE 1000, a journey back in time to the computers that made me fall in love with…well…computers. Also, the obligatory soundtrack, action figure, gaming, and TV mutterings, and maybe a hint as to why Phosphor Dot Fossils vanished for a little while. (1:19:55)

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Show notes page: https://www.thelogbook.com/thistape/501-applesode/

Watch your host play endless Apple II games on YouTube – Phosphor Dot Fossils will return in The Living Daylights.

For more memories specific to bulletin board systems, listen to episode 104: Bulletin Board Systems.

Actual photo of your host, a little while ago, jamming on the mighty Franklin ACE 2200, probably around 1986-87.
The Shirtless Wonder


My dad, Earl Green Sr. (1924-2010), playing Frogger on the brand new ACE 1000, Christmas 1981.
Dad vs. Frogger