Inside the Binder of Babylon

The Binder of Babylon, photographed in early 2020 before the move from Utah back to Arkansas (and before the pandemic). All images can be enlarged in this section, just click on them.

The Binder of Babylon

Satellite feed coordinates and time for the first-ever satellite feed of The Gathering, complete with the original Peter Ledger show logo.
Gathering a Feed

A typical season 1 story synopsis. Nothing major happens here.
Babylon Rectangulated

Full-color magazine ad slick, for those stations who could afford to place them.
Ad slick

A more typical B&W episodic TV Guide ad slick from season 1, including text for customization purposes.
An even bester ad slick

Season 1 promo photography 35mm slides, complete with identifying tags when the whole binder was borrowed by the company producing “Sciography” for the Sci-Fi Channel, which was intended to be a “VH-1 Behind The Music” type show covering sci-fi TV series past; it only lasted a few episodes, and I’m not sure they ever completed their Babylon 5 episode. Still, the Binder of Babylon took a trip to L.A. and back on their dime.

The broadcast format/timing sheet for the Walter Koenig-hosted Making of Babylon 5 special (which, unless I’m very much mistaken, was included on the season 1 DVD set). Our station ran this a lot as late night filler – ironic, really, considering what Bill thought of the show.

A complimentary copy of CFQ! Talk about perks of the job!

Season 4 promo photos, in 8×10 B&W glossy form.

Merch: meet the Vorlon Visitor. He never appeared on screen, yet there was an action figure. The Imperial Dignitary of the brief Babylon 5 action figure line.
Vorlon Visitor

Two of the hardest-to-find action figures, the Gaim and the Drazi. Naturally, the hardest figure to get would be that of a creature whose physical existence was in dispute for much of the story.

Here’s an actual promo for Sciography, including Babylon 5, but a handful of sources on the ‘net insist that only two episodes – one covering classic Battlestar Galactica, the other covering Quantum Leap – ever aired before Sci-Fi Channel removed the show from the schedule. It’s a pity, I think this sort of thing would go over rather better now, and it would be neat to see if they got interview material with any of the cast members we’ve lost.