403: Showrunner! The Home Game

Cut and Print: In yet another testament to the very strange way in which your host’s brain works, enjoy this introduction to Showrunner!: The Home Game – also known as outlining a nonexistent season of TV without actually writing out the episodes, or window shopping at the idea store. Also: what I’ve been reading, some space news, the usual waffling on about action figures and tiny arcade games, and some contrarian thoughts about the Mandalorian season finale. (1:06:49)

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Show notes page: https://www.thelogbook.com/thistape/403-showrunner-the-home-game/

The day the TURDIS arrived in Dyer

Random garden slugs appearing in the kitchen – all part of the Dyer emergency.


The new studio taking shape in Fayetteville.
The Room