402: 2020 Regional Self-Isolation Champion

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHH: 2020, am I right? 2020. What I’ve been watching, listening to, and doing while trying to survive and stay sane in a year that was shaping up to be a bad one at the end of last year. Plus the usual waffling on about space missions and soundtracks and action figures and that sort of thing.(1:24:45)

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Show notes page: https://www.thelogbook.com/thistape/402-the-2020-show/


Dyer emergency
A Dyer emergency: my current studio, such as it is.

Obi Cat
Obi, toward the end. I miss my big stripey kitty.

Martian cats
Watching The Martian with kittehs. Down in front!

Populating Mars with digital Martians.

The absolute best configuration for an Artificial Sun fusion reactor in Surviving Mars.

Mo' Mars
Mars, terraformed: I bless the rain down in Chryse Planitiaaaaaaaaa…

Floaty Robot Buddies
A pretty decent little collection of VINCENT and BOB from The Black Hole if I do say so myself.

Space Robots
Real space robots: Perseverance and Hope reporting back to Earth.

My Babysitter Vinny
Time to just give up and find a babysitting job.