401: A Warp-Speed (Podcast) Survey of Early Star Trek Video Games

Welcome aboard, Captain! Star Trek video games didn’t arise from the glory years of the franchise, but during its wilderness years. This audio version of a recent theLogBook.com livestream traces the development of both licensed and unlicensed Star Trek and computer games, and the beginning of the modern age of the franchise as a gaming IP. (1:02:23)

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SCOTTO!This is an edited-down version of my recent YouTube video (itself a recorded version of a livestream that ran into serious technical issues), and I got more than one comment that a podcast version of this would be welcome. I savagely edited down the game play segments for the podcast, since you really don’t get anything by listening to long stretches of game sounds with limited discussion or description – by editing out long stretches of purely visual stuff from the video, as well as knocking out random cat attacks, I was able to knock half an hour off of the video version, which can be seen below: