108: Ladies’ Night

The missing August episode! The new Doctor Who is a woman. The lead of the new Star Trek series is a woman. The new Jedi apprentice is a woman. Why is this a problem for some people? Why is this threatening to some people? Also: loads of news and reviews, a Pokestop in my back yard, thoughts on getting old, and help wanted. (51:21)

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Art of Atari
Up against the wall, Atari. (Get your Art Of Atari Poster Collection in theLogBook.com Store.)

Twin Peaks
I’d like that with a side order of Paw Patrol, please. (Get your Twin Peaks action figures in theLogBook.com Store.)


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There are some minor audio quality issues resulting from an incorrect polar setting on my microphone (let’s blame cats or little fingers for this one). Considering that this show was finished on a different computer than the one that it started on, it’s a minor miracle if that and the delay are the only problems.