109: The Final Battle!

Halloween weekend special! What, you think you can just walk back in the door after all this time and just…sit there…and podcast? Well…yes, I can. It’s my show. And it’s about a glut of decent sci-fi shows and a glut of little video games and a glut of Porgs. Mustn’t forget the Porgs. (44:31)

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Not Porgs
Bears and Babies and Constellations. They’re what’s for dinner.

So Not Porgs
Who will win – Star Trek: Discovery or…

Still Not Porgs
…The Orville, or…

Very, Very Not Porgs
…The Tick, or…

Very, Very Not Porgs
…The Gifted, or…

Again, Not Porgs
…Red Dwarf XII?

Again, Not Porgs
Spoiler: Porgs like Captain Lorca best.

Not Porgs
World’s Tiniest Arcade Games. They’re what’s for dinner. Get yours here.


Of course, the winner is actually…
Onward, Porgs
The Farthest. Voyager. It’s what’s for dinner.

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Porgs. They’re what’s for dinner.