107: You Never Forget Your First Fandom

You never forget your first fandom – and in my case, that was the premiere of Star Trek: The Next Generation. See why this was completely different from Star Wars, and find out how many ways a science fiction TV series can change someone’s life (spoiler: a lot). A nostalgic trip to the final frontier. (1:11:46)

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Keith Robinson
Mr. Intellivision, Keith Robinson.

Congratulations to Kevin and David, who won these fabulous prizes!

A combadge, phaser and tricorder that have seen a lot of action since the Enterprise’s mission began.

On the right, my very well-worn 1987 Galoob die-cast Enterprise-D. On the left, my somewhat newer Eaglemoss Enterprise-D.

Tough little ship
Okay, yours is bigger: a significantly larger model of the Enterprise-D at the now-extinct Star Trek: The Experience at the Las Vegas Hilton.

Okudagrams make everything better. Even pinball.

Tough little ship
Your host, as a much younger man, with Star Trek: The Experience’s Ferengi waiter.

Hungry for more Trek talk? Stick around this fall when Discovery premieres.

Vinyl’s place is in…the…kitchen?

Ermahgerd, BABY HIPPO!!


King Tut rules the arcade.

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