106: Are You Being Media Served?

Are you being media served? If not, why not? Who needs a media server, how do they set one up, and how do you organize it? Why is everyone so up in arms over the Star Trek: Discovery trailer? And why is a severe thunderstorm a really lousy place/time to record a podcast? The latest Don’t Give This Tape To Earl asks all these questions and waits patiently for the answers. (1:03:06)

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MHow to organize a media server, probably the hard way.

MQuite a few of these things are not like the other.

Holy descriptive filenames, Batman!

Lest there be any doubt about my internet connectivity…this happened not long after I finished recording. Thanks, thunderstorm.

My burgeoning collection of Voyager memorabilia gets a new addition or two.

Get Princess Leia’s Stolen Death Star Plans here. You don’t even have to be Jyn Erso.

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Don't worry about getting dirty

My cats shredded my face.

(My face is doing better.)


This tornado watch is for Oklahoma…and Earl.

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