105: Later Statements and Possible Warnings

Tornadic tales, from growing up vaguely worried in Tornado Alley, to taking shelter, to working the weather in TV and radio, to the big one that landed right down the street in 1996. Also, handy tips on how to do Tornado Alley weather when you cut the cord, and how to learn the lyrics to “One Night In Bangkok” over spring break. Stay tuned to Don’t Give This Tape To Earl for later statements and possible warnings. (1:27:13)

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Tornado Warning
BEHOLD, THE RED SCREEN OF DEATH! Alas, Scooby Doo, why hath thou forsaken me?

The one they call Terrible Tuesday!

TV news promo for special commemorating the 10th anniversasry of the 1996 Fort Smith tornado
(written and produced by…well…me)

The pre-doppler WSR-57 radar in action

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Don't worry about getting dirty

Who needs a “classic” when you can stick some delicious, delicious Pi in one of these?
NES-inspired Pi case

Snapshot of Stormlab and the WeatherStar 4000 emulator taken live during recording

1996 tornadoLinks:

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