403: The Top 5 Odyssey2 Characters!

Back In Action? Yes, Select Game is still here…and yes, Select Game still covers the Odyssey2. A bite-sized edition of the internet’s only podcast with sync-sound action is here to let Odyssey2 and Videopac (and Jopac and Radiola Jet…) fans know that there’s more to come. (10:21)

Right-click and “save as” to download manually | Stitcher | Throwback Network | Gamebygamepodcast.com

No YouTube video for this one. If you’re interested in the Don’t Give This Tape To Earl podcast that explains more about what 2019 and 2020 have been like at Select Game headquarters, you can hear it here.

The theme song for Select Game is “Fat Cat Wants Tasty Fish” by Teleidofusion, via the Free Music Archive.

Select Game will return in The Living Daylights.

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