402: The Pinball Wizard Of Odyssey2!

Back In Action! Now with 100% less Dalek vocalization. Is the Odyssey2 up to the task of simulating the physics of pinball? And if it falls short…well, little multicolored dudes cracking electrical whips will do just fine, right? Sure they well! Also, we get to test-drive PackratVG.com’s amazing C7061 multicart to play Thunderball!, Pachinko!, and Ralph Baer’s Pinball prototype, while also checking out some of the multicart’s other features (such as its onscreen menu of 200+ games). Also: homebrew previews (Cold Case, Dungeon of Eternity, The Empire Strikes Back), the unveiling of the statue of Ralph Baer at Baer Square, and a little bit of cat scratch fever. (54:48)

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The theme song for Select Game is “Fat Cat Wants Tasty Fish” by Teleidofusion, via the Free Music Archive.

Special thanks to PackratVG.com (and to developer Rene van den Enden) for the C7061 multicart, preserving the whole Odyssey2 library in one convenient package! Get yours here.

The lost history of the RCA Studio II:

Merchandising Magazine, June 1979 – “Orbiting Math Game” and “Electronic Battle Charge”!?
Orbiting Math Game

Merchandising Magazine, October 1979 – “Whirlybird” and “O.R.B.I.T.S.”?

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