Retrogram #8001: Welcome To The 1980s

The week of December 30th, 1979: For a podcast that covers genre TV from 1970-1990, this is the exact midpoint: the first week of 1980. A week of classic space heroes, mistaken identities, and people in tights wearing bull heads…and maybe a tip-of-the-iceberg sighting of Hollywood’s propensity for recycling. (71:16)

Right-click here and “save as”; store a backup copy on your robot and maybe Twiki can recover it later. Before it melts down.

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That time when both Buck Rogers and Flash Gordon had action figure lines at the same time in the 1980 JCPenney Christmas catalog. ( (who among us isn’t a Space Case?)

Space's like an arcade...IN SPACE.
Checkmate, atheists MAME: the arcade lives on in the 25th century.


Music (in order):
“Great Dark Spot” by Jahzzar ( CC BY-SA from the album Galaxy
“Luxe” by Jahzzar from the album Servants
“Power Of Ten” by Dee Zee from the album Random Sanity
“Pearl” by Phillip Gross from the album Katerstimmung
“Traffic” by Jahzzar from the album Sunlight

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