Ming’s Last Battle

Flash GordonFrozen by Ming himself, Flash is in no position to stop Ming from abducting Dale and Princess Aura to take them back to Mongo, where he plans to force Dale to marry him – or she will have to watch Flash die. Among Flash’s allies, preparations are underway to launch a final counterattack against Ming, especially since Vultan has been restored to power. Though Dr. Zarkov, Prince Barrin and Thun are worried about the lack of contact from Flash, their plans must proceed on schedule, and the Hawkmen’s mobile Sky City proceeds toward Mongo’s capitol city. Ming’s forces mount an overwhelming defense, forcing Sky City to retreat; Ming orders his robot fighters to pursue the city before repairs can be conducted. Vultan’s Hawkmen take to the sky to fight off the attack, while Aura sets Flash free. As the Queen of Frigia joins the fight and turns the tide for Sky City’s survival, Flash crashes the wedding and challenges Ming to a duel.

Flash GordonDownload this episode via Amazonwritten by Ted Pedersen
directed by Gwen Wetzler
music by Yvette Blais & Jeff Michael
Flash Gordon theme by Marc Ellis & Jeff Michael

Cast: Bob Ridgely (Flash Gordon / Prince Barin), Alan Oppenheimer (Ming / Dr. Hans Zarkov / Captain Erzine), Diane Pershing (Dale Arden / Queen Undina), Allan Melvin (Thun / King Vultan), Melendy Britt (Princess Aura / Queen Fria), Lou Scheimer (Narrator)

LogBook entry by Earl Green