202: Odd Jobs

Fall Preview Special! Live (at the time it was recorded) from Utah! An even longer-than-usual ramble about moving, working, not working, working some more, getting shot at (while working), playing impressive new Atari homebrew games, looking forward to an expanding galaxy of Star Wars and Star Trek spinoffs on TV, recent developments in space exploration, and why neither Doctor Who nor anything is being “ruined by the SJWs”. Really. (2:05:35)

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The room where it is strongly hoped that it will all happen (still a work in progress).

Voyager 2 is outta here. Really, can you blame it?

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Apes Mu-tant!
Five cats. One dog. Two kids. One hotel room. Six weeks.

Porgs Porgs
The Mandalorian’s gonna be great, folks.

Now there are more of the World’s Tiniest Arcade Games.

Now there are more of the World’s Tiniest Porgs.

Next time on Don’t Give This Tape To Earl…


How much time did I put into a ridiculously detailed cover image that would have to be shrunk down beyond all recognition before remembering that I’d done one for this topic before packing up the computer and leaving Arkansas? Trust me, you don’t want to know. Unless, of course, you do. (Don’t worry, I used it on the show notes cover.)