201: Major Sci-Fi Franchise Polka Party!

Second movement! Did you miss us? A lengthy, low-key, late-night ramble through the latest sci/tech/space exploration news, thoughts on Star Trek: Discovery, Black Mirror, The Last Jedi, Stargate Origins, and the Doctor Who Christmas episode, news from New York Toy Fair, what we found under the tree in 2017, and why I’m moving to Utah this summer. (99:00)

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Apes Mu-tant!
I need to get my paws on these damned dirty apes (and mutants) ASAP.

Porgs Porgs
Dying of digital dysentery all over again while diving into a deep space disc.

Now available in print and for Kindle: WARP!1, the latest book from your podcast host, Earl Green, covering classic Star Trek on TV, in movies, as animation, and other Gene Roddenberry projects from the ’60s and ’70s. Wait, Porgs of Jupiter!?

If only we had kept David Odgen Stiers mint on his original card. (On display at Arkadia Retrocade.)

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