Retrogram 7250: Would The Last Man On The Moon Please Turn Out The Lights?

The week of December 10th, 1974: As the moon hangs over the horizon, and the crew of Apollo 17 hangs out at the moon – the last time humans would go there in the 20th century – gather around the TV campfire for three terrifying tales of levitating furniture, vicious dogs, and petrifying premonitions of things yet to come. As the final Apollo crew walked on the surface of the moon…this is what our imaginations fixated on. (53:10)

Right-click here and “save as”; there might also be a copy in Cousin Zachariah’s bookshelf.

Apollo 17Links:



The Sixth Sense, Night-Gallery-ized – an example of one of Serling’s Sixth Sense intros (but not for Gallows In The Wind):

The New! Fall! Season! (’72 edition):

Apollo 17 in the news:

And now, some commercials:

Music (in order):
“Great Dark Spot” by Jahzzar ( CC BY-SA from the album Galaxy
“Lift Off” by Jahzzar ( CC BY-SA from the album Galaxy
“Dancing” by Jahzzar ( CC BY-SA from the album 1973

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