Fright Night

Night GalleryTom and Leona Ogilvy have lucked out – or so they think. A cousin of Tom’s has willed his country house to him, which might be just the thing that a struggling writer like Tom needs to finish his next book in peace and quiet. There’s just one catch: in the attic office Tom claims as his study, a large chest sits in the floor – one which Zachariah Ogilvy’s dying wish was to be left alone, with the added promise that, at some point, someone will come to collect it. Tom and Leona begin experiencing unusual events: crickets and birds suddenly stop making any noise, and Tom sees the chest seem to hover in mid-air. Leona makes arrangements to have it removed from the house…but it seems the chest doesn’t want to leave. What’s in it…and what tricks will it play on their minds to draw their attention away from it?

Night Galleryteleplay by Robert Malcolm Young
story by Kurt van Elting
directed by Jeff Corey
music by Eddie Sauter / series theme by Gil Melle

Stuart Whitman (Tom Ogilvy), Barbara Anderson (Leona Ogilvy), Ellen Corby (Miss Patience), Alan Napier (Cousin Zachariah), Larry Watson (Longhair), Michael Laird (1st Goblin), Glenna Sergent (2nd Goblin)

LogBook entry by Earl Green