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Star Wars Question And Answer Book About SpaceRandom House publishes the Star Wars Question And Answer Book About Space, written by Dr. Dinah Moche. Cashing in on young Star Wars fans’ sudden fascination with space, the book explores many astronomical phenomena, and past, current and future spaceflight (as of 1979) and space science topics, framed within the context of the Star Wars universe.

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The Powers Of Matthew Star: Starr Knight

The Powers Of Matthew StarThe 22nd episode of the science fiction series The Powers Of Matthew Star airs on NBC, starring Peter Barton. This is actually the series pilot, which differs from the rest of the series in numerous major ways, but since the series had been cancelled by this point, it was aired as the final episode.

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Soyuz TMA-6 / ISS Expedition 11

Soyuz TMA-6The eleventh full-time crew of the International Space Station lifts off from Russia’s Baikonur Cosmodrome aboard Soyuz TMA-6. Sergei Krikalev and John Phillips take up residence on the ISS for 179 days. Arriving with them on the ISS for a nine-day stay is astronaut Roberto Vittori, who returns to Earth aboard Soyuz TMA-5 with the Expedition 10 crew.

Arrow: Broken Arrow

ArrowThe 65th episode of Arrow, a modern-day reboot of DC Comics’ Green Arrow superhero starring Stephen Amell, airs on the CW. Brandon Routh (Superman Returns) and Doug Jones (Star Trek: Discovery, The Shape Of Water) guest star.

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Owen K. Garriott, astronaut, dies

Owen K. GarriottSkylab and Space Shuttle astronaut Owen K. Garriott dies at the age of 88. Born in Oklahoma, former U.S. Navy electronics officer Garriott went on to Stanford University to pursue a doctorate, and returned to Stanford to teach physics and electronics until 1965, when he was selected by NASA as one of the first “scientist astronauts” for future Apollo and Apollo Applications Program missions. (Only one scientist astronaut, Harrison Schmitt, flew to the moon before the Apollo program’s budgetary lunar wings were clipped by the Nixon administration.) Garriott first flew to space in 1973 as part of the second Skylab long-duration crew, staying in orbit for a record-setting two months with his two crewmates, and flew as a mission specialist aboard the first Space Shuttle mission to carry the Spacelab laboratory module into orbit in 1983. Both before and after his second and final flight, he was involved in consulting on the ever-changing design for a planned space station, which, after many changes, evolved into the International Space Station. He was the father of Richard Garriott, designer of the Ultima computer adventure game series who later visited the ISS as a space tourist aboard a Soyuz flight; they were the first father/son astronauts in America (preceded only by cosmonauts Alexander and Sergei Volkov).