Gallows In The Wind

The Sixth SenseA blustery coastal getaway for several vacationgoers becomes deadly when they’re trapped, along with Dr. Rhodes, at a boat rental store nearby – the only high ground available in an approaching hurricane. One of the tourists, Carey Evers, has been experiencing unusual visions since wandering into a nearby stone building dating back a hundred years, a vision of an executioner who wants her and everyone else in the house dead. While most of her housemates dismiss these visions as superstitious hallucinations, Rhodes believes they may be premonitions that add up to a warning of danger from the approaching storm. And then, in her latest vision, Carey sees Rhodes himself sinking into a watery grave…

written by Don Ingalls
directed by Alan Crosland
music by Billy Goldenberg

The Sixth SenseCast: Gary Collins (Dr. Michael Rhodes), Meg Foster (Carey Evers), R.G. Armstrong (Jack Preston), Richard Lawrence Hatch (Owen Preston), Gary Clarke (Mr. Sandifur), Virginia Gregg (Thelma), George Ives (Frank Young), Conlan Carter (Mack)

Notes: Future Battlestar Galactica star Richard Hatch (1945-2017) – billed as his full name, Richard Lawrence Hatch – appears here in one of his The Sixth Senseearliest screen roles, four years before joining the cast of The Streets Of San Francisco started building him up toward household name status. Meg Foster was similarly new to Hollywood, though she’d had a bit more experience than Hatch; in 1982 she would portray Christine Cagney in the brief (six episode) first season of Cagney & Lacey, though between seasons she was replaced by Sharon Gless in the role. Her genre credits include The Six Million Dollar Man, Ghost Story/Circle Of Fear, the 1980s Twilight Zone revival, the live-action Masters Of The Universe film, They Live, Quantum Leap, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys, Xena: Warrior Princess,

LogBook entry by Earl Green