The week of July 5th, 1987: A week picked by followers of’s Facebook page! A week of orbital law enforcement, lycanthropy, astro-archaeology, and maybe even the devil himself. Travel back in prime time with us to the summer of ’87. (75:43) This episode has dropped early so it’s available for your holiday weekend road trip!

Right-click here and “save as”; if anyone burns a CD of this show, make sure to leave it in a portable CD player for future astro-archaeologists to discover in an abandoned building.



Commercial break from WBAL-TV, Baltimore, from the end of the July 10th Twilight Zone episodes:

Complete, unedited theme from Star Cops:

Werewolf Pilot Playlist!

Music (in order):
“Great Dark Spot” by Jahzzar ( CC BY-SA from the album Galaxy
“Birthday Cake” by Jahzzar from the album Wake Up
“Freaks” by Jahzzar from the album Wake Up
“Shine” by Jahzzar from the album Wake Up
“Pearl” by Phillip Gross from the album Katerstimmung

Travel back in prime time to 1974 with Retrogram!

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