The week of July 18th, 1971: As the crew of Apollo 15 prepared to go to the moon, it was a dead week for American genre TV…but still a lively one across the pond. Meet a magician named Tarot, and an alien-fighter named Colonel Ed Straker. One will face a new foe whose magic may be even stronger than his…and the other will face “you-foes” who have already made a backup copy of him. Oh, and one of these shows can’t be seen anymore, anywhere – it might as well be on the moon. (48:13)

Right-click here and “save as”; any taped copies left in the Thames Television archives may wind up being erased.

Apollo 15

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Music (in order):
“Great Dark Spot” by Jahzzar ( CC BY-SA from the album Galaxy
“Upper Ground” by Andrew Howes from the album Nine Stones Close
“Luxe” by Jahzzar from the album Servants
“(Jamming On The) King Kong Beat” by Dee Zee from the album Random Sanity
“Tarot” by Andrew Bown from the TV series Ace Of Wands

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