302: A Man Of Action (Figures)

Now with kung fu action grip! A seven-year-old playing with action figures? Totally normal. Same kid picking up the collecting bug at 17 and keeping it alive (budget permitting) at 47? That’s where people start demanding explanations. A quick stroll down toy-collecting memory lane, encompassing both Star Wars figures and many others I’ve collected down through the years, plus you get to hear my psychoanalyzing my aforementioned collecting bug in real time…the results are a little surprising. And long-winded. Remember to save your proof of purchases so you can find out who’s the Bossk around here. (1:55:39)

Right-click here and “save as” for best quality, because it’s gonna sound like crap when you hear it from a Commtech chip.


Packaged Wall
Part of the “packaged wall” and the “ELO wall”. Two great tastes that taste great together.

Packaged Wall
Part of what shall forever be known as the Andrew Wester collection (thanks, Andrew!), which kinda started this whole thing of “What if I start leaving them in the packaging and display them that way?”

Death Star
Even calling a place a “Death Star” kind of casts a pall on things; help your crew relax with some cheaply installed mood lighting.

Death Star
For the lack of a first-floor trash compactor, my Death Star has a parking garage. Federation shuttles, light cycles, unlucky prisoners who happen to be pugs in track suits, all are welcome…

Death Star
…and there’s even valet parking for Batmobiles.

Death Star
E.T. undergoes Combat training. We’ll surely escape from the Death Star in a Flash.

Meanwhile, on another shelf, the arcade’s hoppin’. Of course the Stranger Things kids are hogging Dig Dug, but who knew that ROM the Space Knight was a Galaxian guy? And who’s got the next game of Galaga when the Metaluna Mutant’s done?

Now there’s a band.

The Character Options Doctor Who figures are best displayed by the light shining through a vintage 1993 Doctor Who pinball backglass. Trust me on this.