103: Hidden Figures and the Story of a Space Case

If you don’t want to hear about space, this is not the podcast for you. This month, I tell you what there was to like about Hidden Figures (spoiler: a lot of things), and reveal the perhaps slightly embarrassing movie tie-in that turned a young sci-fi nut into a lifelong lover of space exploration. Spend an hour spacing out with me. (53:17)

Not mentioned in this podcast because they happened after the recording date: Peter Capaldi leaving Doctor Who, the Star Trek: Axanar lawsuit settlement and the death of John Hurt. I simply ran out of time to record an add-on for the news section, so we’ll discuss these at a later date.

Right-click here and “save as” to save to the open space on your space audio device. Space.

ASTP reunion 2005
With Apollo-Soyuz Test Project astronauts (from left) Thomas Stafford and Vance Brand, and cosmonaut Valeri Kubasov (1935-2014), at the 2005 ASTP reunion at the Stafford Air & Space Museum in Weatherford, Oklahoma. Read more of my memories about the event here.

Star Wars Question & Answer Book About Space
The Voyagers will not return.

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Star Wars Question & Answer Book About Space
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