Apollo 13 – music by James Horner, various artists

Apollo 13 soundtrack I was bound to like this soundtrack, especially since the movie in question was my favorite of 1995. I’m sure no one needs a brief note explaining what the movie was about, so we’ll get right to the music and the soundtrack. My biggest complaint with the soundtrack is not the movie soundbytes, but the fact that they’re occasionally mixed in with the music. There are some really good contemporary tunes (I would’ve gladly done without Hank Williams’ “Honky Tonkin'” but I loved the Mavericks’ rendition of “Blue Moon”, and then there’s The Who and Hendrix – quite an eclectic mix!), and the score is one of Horner’s best in a long time, though he is again guilty of borrowing from him previous works (I could swear I remember some of this music from the movie Glory). And it was a 3 out of 4truly inspired touch to have Annie Lennox add some vocals to the end credits’ more modern synthesized passages. Despite the intrusion of the soundbytes on the music, the scenes themselves couldn’t have been better chosen, and of course one of them features that immortal historical moment, “Houston, we have a problem.”

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  1. Main Title (2:28)
  2. One Small Step (dialogue – 0:43)
  3. Night Train (James Brown – 3:26)
  4. Groovin’ (Young Rascals – 2:26)
  5. Somebody to Love (Jefferson Airplane – 2:55)
  6. I Can See For Miles (The Who – 4:09)
  7. Purple Haze (Jimi Hendrix – 2:46)
  8. Launch Control (dialogue – 0:32)
  9. All Systems Go – The Launch (10:03)
  10. Welcome to Apollo 13 (dialogue – 0:26)
  11. Spirit in the Sky (Norman Greenbaum – 3:51)
  12. House Cleaning / Houston, We Have A Problem (dialogue – 0:54)
  13. Master Alarm (3:36)
  14. What’s Going On? (dialogue – 0:51)
  15. Into the LEM (4:18)
  16. Out of Time (dialogue – 0:34)
  17. Darkside of the Moon (4:49)
  18. Failure Is Not An Option (dialogue – 0:23)
  19. Honky Tonkin’ (Hank Williams – 2:43)
  20. Blue Moon (The Mavericks – 4:01)
  21. Waiting for a Disaster / A Privilege (dialogue – 0:29)
  22. Re-Entry & Splashdown (8:53)
  23. End Titles (7:01)

Released by: MCA
Release date: 1995
Total running time: 72:19