We Interrupt This Broadcast

From The Earth To The MoonOn April 13, 1970, veteran TV journalist Emmett Seaborn hits the airwaves with the terrifying news that an unknown accident has crippled the Apollo 13 command module, forcing its three crewmembers into the cramped lunar module. Seaborn’s experience in covering the space program keeps his audience glued to the set, but his failure to grease the palms of his network’s new management opens the door for Brett Hutchins, a determined young reporter with his eyes on history, to dig for a story by any means necessary. Hutchins takes matters into his own hands, following leads and stories, breaking NASA rules for journalists, and burning bridges along the way. But the space agency, realizing how critically its public relations are suffering during the failed mission, is reluctant to shut the young reporter out. As the chances of returning home gradually start to look better for the crew of Apollo 13, Emmett Seaborn feels his own career fading away.

Order the DVDswritten by Peter Osterlund & Amy Brooke Baker
directed by David Frankel
music by Brad Fiedel

Cast: Tammy Arnold (Sarah), Rus D. Blackwell (Joel Kruger), Brian Brightman (Editor), Dan Butler (Gene Kranz), Jack Carroll (Reporter #3), Colette Piceau Colangelo (Reporter #4), Heather DeOreo (Doris), Steve DuMouchel (Jeff Jordy), Jeff Evans (Director), Billy Flanigan (Suit #2), Harold Fletcher (Dr. Swigert), Tim Goodwin (Mr. Radio), Erich Hoffelder (Brett’s sound man), John Hostetter (Ralph Cooper), Clint Howard (Paul Lucas), Key Howard (Reporter #5), John M. Jackson (Hal Deacon), Kathy Karol (Shirley), David Kaufman (David Gibson), William Larson (Seymour Rosen), William Laskin (Larry Thompson), Christopher Miles (TV #3), Jay Mohr (Brett Hutchins), Jeff Moldovan (Reporter #7), Dennis Neal (Suit #1), Don C. Noderer (TV #1), Conor O’Farrell (James McDivitt), Janet Peterson (Mrs. Swigert), Ethan Phillips (Stanley Craig), Ric Reitz (Reporter #8), Brett Rice (Sam Langfitz), Stephen Root (Chris Kraft), John Rothman (Warren Moburg), Paul Rouffa (Mr. AP), Gerard Russell (Suit #3), Nick Searcy (Deke Slayton), Lane Smith (Emmett Seaborn), Catherine Stork (TV #4), Jan Taylor (TV #2), Todd Thompsom (TV #5), Doug Truelson (Mr. UPI), Cyndi Vicino (Reporter #2), Dave Wagner (Anchor), George Wilson (Reporter #6)

Notes: Clint Howard also had a role in the movie Apollo 13, as NASA technician Sy Liebergot. Ethan Phillips took time off from his role as Star Trek: Voyager’s Neelix to appear here.

LogBook entry by Earl Green