Volume 1, Issue #9 – Spring 1995

LogBook #9With a front cover, and numerous articles, that were originally intended for the March issue, the “spring” issue wasn’t indicative of an attempt to go quarterly or bi-monthly – it was simply an attempt to amortize the cost of color cover attempt #2.

Issue 9 PDF (10.2mb)

Again done at Kinko’s, this color cover was much better than the previous one. It was original artwork designed to be bright and colorful, and since the ‘zine was now subscription-only with maybe all of 30 subscribers, I didn’t have to have an insane number of the things printed. However, at Kinko’s, I was once again told that copying the color master was impossible and, again, each copy would have to be printed individually. I made it clear to the management that I was done with Kinko’s after this. And I wasn’t kidding. I’ve never walked back into a Kinko’s again. With “customer service” like that, it’s no small wonder that the place became nothing but a takeover target for UPS.

At least this time the cover looked somewhat respectable. Rob Heyman was moving cross-country when this issue was in preparation, so he was completely absent from its pages, hence the lack of the TNG review column (and me completely taking over the Voyager reviews). As consolation, Cindy Hill turned in an epic con report from Denver, subscriber Bobby Miller turned in a piece urging readers to write to NBC to save seaQuest DSV, and Robert Parson handed in rather memorable reviews of The Outer Limits and Fox’s VR.5 (remember that show?).