Pac-Man defeats K.C. Munchkin

K.C. MunchkinIn a federal court hearing in Chicago, Atari and Midway – as the American licensees of Pac-Man – are victorious over Magnavox, whose Odyssey2 cartridge K.C. Munchkin was alleged to infringe on Pac-Man. The court ruling, which results in an injunction forcing Magnavox to pull K.C. Munchkin off the market, says it “captures the ‘total concept and feel’ of, and is substantially similar to, Pac-Man,” and that Magnavox “jeopardized the substantial investments of Midway and especially Atari.” Beaten but defiant, Magnavox releases a K.C. Munchkin sequel later in the year.

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The Voice of Odyssey2

The Voice of Odyssey2The Odyssey2 video game console gets its first major hardware upgrade in the form of the add-on voice synthesizer module, marketed as the Voice of Odyssey2. With the Type & Tell cartridge packed in, the Voice promises to add speech to numerous specially marked Odyssey2 games. The initial line of Voice games, also released on or around this date, includes K.C.’s Krazy Chase (a sequel to the sued-off-the-market K.C. Munchkin), and educational games Nimble Numbers NED and SID The Spellbinder.

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Phillips halts Odyssey2/3 development

Odyssey3North American Phillips (formerly Magnavox) announces at the summer Consumer Electronics Show that it has put the Odyssey2 video game console’s slightly more advanced successor, the Odyssey3 Command Center, on hold indefinitely – just six months after unveiling it – rather than meeting its July release date. What Phillips doesn’t announce is that active game development on the Odyssey2 has also been halted; the company’s game designers are now focused on a new effort to publish games for non-Odyssey consoles under the Probe 2000 name.

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Odyssey2 production ends

Odyssey2Like many other companies tied into the video game business – whose profits seem to be in an endless downward spiral – North American Phillips (formerly Magnavox) closes down production of Odyssey2 hardware and software, and reassigns staff programmers to other products, including Phillips’ stand-alone word processor, VideoWriter, though few of the company’s former game designers remain with that project for long.

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