Dirty Harry #11: Death in the Air

Death in the AirOrder this bookStory: Detective “Dirty” Harry Callahan, investigating a series of subway attacks, finds himself caught up in a rogue government program.

Review: As always with these kinds of things, whether you like it or not will be directly linked to your feelings towards the ‘Dirty Harry’ films series. If you find them tedious, this book is not going to change your mind. But if you enjoy a bit of low-grade cop drama, this isn’t a bad choice.

The plot of “Death in the Air” at first seems to be typical of the movies, but towards the end, though, it veers into almost sci-fi territory. (Not full scale Moonraker type stuff, mind you.) The characterization of Callahan is pretty much on target and the new characters fit into his world with ease.

It proves to be a quick read. It’s not going to tax any adult reader. While I woun’t claim that it is gripping, it at least moves along at a good pace that keeps sticking to it from being a chore.

“Death in the Air” won’t be confused for a great American novel. (Or even a great example of the genre.) But as novels-based-on-film-series go, it’s pretty darn good.

Year: 1983
Author: Dane Hartman
Publisher: Warner Books
Pages: 192