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2006: Torchwood: Everything Changes / Day OneTorchwoodBBC3 premieres the first and second episodes of Russell T. Davies' science fiction series Torchwood. Starring John Barrowman as Captain Jack Harkness (a character originating in the first season of the revived Doctor Who), the series deals with a nexus point of strange phenomena, and a team assembled to deal with those unusual occurrences, in Cardiff, Wales. Kai Owen and Tom Price guest star. More about Torchwood in the LogBook

1999: Stargate SG-1: Jolinar’s MemoriesStargate SG-1Pay cable channel Showtime premieres the 55th episode of Stargate SG-1. More about Stargate SG-1 in the LogBook

1995: Space: Above And Beyond: Ray ButtsSpace: Above And BeyondFox premieres the fifth episode of the military science fiction series Space: Above And Beyond. More about Space: Above And Beyond in the LogBook

1992: STS-52STS-52Space Shuttle Columbia lifts off on the shuttle program's 51st flight, a ten-day mission to launch Laser Geodynamic Satellite II and the cargo-bay-mounted U.S. Microgravity Payload experiment package. Aboard Columbia for her 13th flight are Commander James Wetherbee, Pilot Michael Baker, mission specialists Charles Veach, William Shepherd and Tamara Jernigan, and payload specialist Steven MacLean.

1990: Star Trek: TNG: Remember MeStar Trek: The Next GenerationThe week-long national syndication window opens for the 78th episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Eric Menyuk guest stars as the Traveler. More about Star Trek: The Next Generation in the LogBook

1984: The Policeman’s Beard Is Half ConstructedThe Policeman's Beard Is Half ConstructedThe first edition of the collection of prose, poetry and blank verse titled "The Policeman's Beard Is Half Constructed" - supposedly "written" by an artificial intelligence called RACTER - is published by Warner Books. When a commercial version of RACTER is made available, some users cry foul - it doesn't output anything remotely like the book attributed to it. More about Fiction in Book Reviews

1980: Alan Parsons Project: Turn Of A Friendly…Turn Of A Friendly CardThe Alan Parsons Project releases its fifth album, The Turn Of A Friendly Card, including the hit singles "Time" and "Games People Play". More about Alan Parsons Project in Music Reviews

1980: Crazy ClimberCrazy ClimberBoasting a tricky dual-joystick control scheme allowing players fine-tuned control over their on-screen character's movements, Crazy Climber invades arcades in the States following its introduction in Japan. Cheerfully urging players to "Go for it!", the cult arcade classic makes splattering on the sidewalks seem fun. More about Crazy Climber in Phosphor Dot Fossils

1978: Battlestar Galactica: Gun On Ice Planet ZeroBattlestar GalacticaThe sixth episode of Glen A. Larson's science fiction series Battlestar Galactica airs on ABC. This episode is part one of a two-part story; Roy Thinnes (The Invaders) guest stars. More about Battlestar Galactica in the LogBook

1977: Doctor Who: The Invisible Enemy, Part 4Doctor WhoThe 461st episode of Doctor Who airs on BBC1. Michael Sheard (The Empire Strikes Back) and Frederick Jaeger guest star; John Leeson joins the cast as the voice of K-9. More about Doctor Who in the LogBook Order VWORP!1 from Media

1977: Space Academy: Monkey BusinessSpace AcademyThe seventh episode of Filmation's Saturday morning science fiction series Space Academy airs on CBS. A simian sidekick saves the day when a routine repair mission goes wrong. More about Space Academy in the LogBook

1975: Venera 9: first pictures from another planetVeneraThe Soviet Venera 9 unmanned space probe touches down on the surface of Venus, the first spacecraft to soft-land on another planet and send back pictures. With atmospheric pressure measured at almost 100 times Earth sea level pressure, and temperatures over 900 degrees Fahrenheit, Venera 9 manages to stay intact for barely an hour, sending back a single panoramic picture of Venus before the environment overcomes its systems.

1967: The Prisoner: Free For AllThe PrisonerITV broadcasts the fourth episode of The Prisoner, produced, occasionally written by, and starring Patrick McGoohan. Eric Portman guest stars as Number Two. More about The Prisoner in the LogBook

1966: Luna 12Luna 12The Soviet Union launches unmanned space probe Luna 12 toward the moon, a near-identical twin of the earlier Luna 11 spacecraft. Luna 12 returns images and observations from lunar orbit for three months until its batteries are exhausted.

1966: Doctor Who: The Tenth Planet, Part 3Doctor WhoThe 133rd episode of Doctor Who airs on the BBC. This is the first story to feature the Cybermen, and is the final story of William Hartnell's tenure as the first Doctor. More about Doctor Who in the LogBook Order VWORP!1 from Media

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