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2012: Red Dwarf: TrojanRed DwarfThe 56th episode of the science fiction comedy Red Dwarf airs on UK cable/satellite comedy channel Dave. This is the beginning of Red Dwarf X, the first full season of the series since 1999. More about Red Dwarf in the LogBook

2010: Doctor Who: Series 4 Specials soundtrackSilva Screen Records releases a 2-CD set of Murray Gold's soundtrack music from the 2009 Doctor Who specials. For the first time, a Doctor Who soundtrack from the new series spans two discs, presenting most of the music recorded for David Tennant's final five special episodes. More about Doctor Who soundtracks in Music Reviews

2004: SpaceShip One wins the Ansari X PrizeSpaceShip OnePrivately-owned experimental space vehicle SpaceShip One makes its second qualifying flight into suborbital space, exceeding Mach 3 (the first privately owned vehicle to do so) and reaching an altitude of 112 kilometers. Brian Binnie pilots SpaceShip One for its third trip into space and earns the second set of FAA commercial astronaut wings as a result. A fourth trip is considered, but then cancelled to avoid any damage to the history-making vehicle. By this point, Virgin has already hired SpaceShip One designer Burt Rutan to build SpaceShip Two, a suborbtial passenger spacecraft which will take paying customers into space as part of the company's "Virgin Galactic" service, based on the design of SpaceShip One. Rutan and investor (and Microsoft co-founder) Paul Allen also claim the $10,000,000 Ansari X Prize.

2002: Firefly: Our Mrs. ReynoldsFireflyFox airs the third episode of Joss Whedon's science fiction series Firefly, starring Nathan Fillion. Christina Hendricks (Mad Men) guest stars. More about Firefly in the LogBook

2001: Mars Odyssey arrives at the red planet2001 Mars OdysseyNASA's 2001 Mars Odyssey probe reaches Mars and settles into an orbit which will gradually be corrected by aerobraking (using the friction of the planet's atmosphere to slow the vehicle down). Unlike the Mars Surveyor mission, Odyssey does not contain a landing probe, but will instead look at the planet from orbit. Another unique feature of Odyssey's mission plan is the fact that it won't be shut down when its scientific investigation has come to an end; it will be left in Mars orbit to serve as a communications relay satellite for future missions.

2000: Voyager: Unimatrix Zero, Part IIStar Trek: VoyagerUPN airs the 146th episode of Star Trek: Voyager, kicking off the show's seventh and final season. Susanna Thompson guest stars as the Borg Queen. More about Star Trek: Voyager in the LogBook

1993: Star Trek: TNG: InterfaceStar Trek: The Next GenerationThe week-long national syndication window opens for the 154th episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Ben Vereen guest stars. More about Star Trek: The Next Generation in the LogBook

1993: Star Trek: DS9: The CircleStar Trek: Deep Space NineThe week-long national syndication window opens for the 21st episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. Frank Langella, Louise Fletcher and Philip Anglim guest star. This is the second part of a three-part story. More about Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in the LogBook

1993: Lucas reveals Star Wars prequel plansGeorge LucasA decade after the premiere of the most recent Star Wars theatrical film (and a couple of years into a burgeoning new wave of Star Wars marketing whose most visible components are new original novels, a new action figure line, and popular role playing and computer games), George Lucas quietly announces in Daily Variety that he plans to produce - but not direct - a trilogy of prequel movies set prior to Star Wars. Though the announcement excites the Star Wars fan base, it's one of many such announcements in the pages of Variety, many of which concern projects that never make it to the screen.

1989: Doctor Who: Ghost Light, Part 1Doctor WhoThe 688th episode of Doctor Who airs on BBC1. Ian Hogg and Sylvia Sims guest star. This is the last story filmed for the original series, though it's broadcast as the second story of the season. More about Doctor Who in the LogBook
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1988: Red Dwarf: QueegRed DwarfThe 11th episode of the science fiction comedy Red Dwarf airs on BBC 2. Charles Augins guest stars. Stop shirkin' and start workin'! More about Red Dwarf in the LogBook

1986: Doctor Who: The Trial Of A Time Lord, Pt. 5Doctor WhoThe 646th episode of Doctor Who airs on BBC1. Lynda Bellingham, Michael Jayston, Nabil Shaban and Brian Blessed guest star. More about Doctor Who in the LogBook
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1980: Doctor Who: Meglos, Part 2Doctor WhoThe 531st episode of Doctor Who airs on BBC1. Jacqueline Hill (who starred in early seasons of Doctor Who as Barbara, one of the Doctor's first companions) guest stars. More about Doctor Who in the LogBook
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1979: Buck Rogers: Vegas In SpaceBuck RogersNBC airs the third episode of Buck Rogers In The 25th Century. Cesar Romero (Batman) guest stars. More about Buck Rogers In The 25th Century in the LogBook

1979: Star Blazers: Episode 24Star BlazersThe 24th episode of Star Blazers, an English rewrite and dub of the 1974 anime series Space Battleship Yamato, premieres in syndication across the U.S. More about Star Blazers in the LogBook

1978: Battle Of The Planets: The Space MummyBattle Of The PlanetsThe third episode of the animated science fiction series Battle Of The Planets, The Space Mummy, airs nationwide in syndication. The series is a translation and English dub of the anime series Kagakuninjatai Gatchaman. More about Battle Of The Planets in the LogBook

1975: Doctor Who: Planet Of Evil, Part 2Doctor WhoThe 407th episode of Doctor Who airs on BBC1. Prentis Hancock (Space: 1999) guest stars. More about Doctor Who in the LogBook Order VWORP!1 from theLogBook.com Media

1974: Planet Of The Apes: The Good SeedsPlanet Of The ApesThe fourth episode of the TV spinoff of Planet Of The Apes premieres on CBS. More about Planet Of The Apes in the LogBook

1968: Star Trek: The Paradise SyndromeStar TrekThe 58th episode of Gene Roddenberry's science fiction series Star Trek airs on NBC. Sabrina Scharf guest stars as Miramanee; William Shatner is Kirok. More about Star Trek in the LogBook

1965: Luna 7Luna 7The Soviet Union launches unmanned space probe Luna 7 to land on the moon, having spent months analyzing the failed flights of Luna 5 and 6 and implementing safeguards against those failures. Unforuntately, however, a different technical problem strikes Luna 7 just hours away from the moon's surface, preventing it from firing its braking rockets. Luna 7 does reach the moon, but not at a survivable speed, crashing into the surface very close to its intended landing site.

1960: Courier 1BCourier 1BThe U.S. Air Force launches the first active-relay communications satellite into orbit, Courier 1B (the original Courier 1 having been lost to a faulty launch vehicle earlier). Unlike the reflective Echo 1 satellite, Courier 1B uses power from the solar cells covering its spherical casing to reboost and retransmit the signals it receives from Earth. Once again, a message from President Eisenhower is transmitted, this time to be received by the United Nations. Clourier 1B remains functional for just over two weeks before a glitch renders it useless.

1959: Luna 3: first look at the moon’s far sideLuna 3The Soviet Union's Luna 3 unmanned probe is launched toward the moon, where it transmits the first images of the moon's far side back to Earth - a sight that has never been seen by humans before since the moon's near side is tidally locked toward Earth. Luna 3's closest pass to moon brings it to within 4,000 miles of the lunar surface, and despite low signal strength and data errors during transmission, nearly 20 images of the moon's far side are sent back to Soviet scientists via a process not unlike sending a fax.

1957: Sputnik ushers in the space ageSputnikThe Soviet Union launches the world's first artificial satellite, the short-lived Sputnik, which transmits a steady signal from orbit that can be tracked by radio. The reaction in the United States is one of alarmed paranoia, since the launch of an orbiting vehicle demonstrates technological capabilities in excess of what is needed to launch missles from the USSR toward American soil. Sputnik's launch is the Soviet Union's contribution to the International Geophysical Year, an international scientific event during which the United States has also promised to launch a satellite.

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