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2008: Gary Gygax, D&D creator, diesDiceThe co-creator of the seminal "paper-and-dice" role playing game Dungeons & Dragons dies at the age of 69. Gary Gygax helped to devise the D&D system with Dave Arneson in 1974, and the game instantly took off, with players adoring its simultaneous escapism and complexity, and parents - usually having heard horror stories of a few bad apples - protesting the game vigorously. D&D created its own little empire for publisher TSR Inc., and numerous add-ons and imitations followed (including virtually the entire metal miniature gaming industry), influenced video and computer games, and inspired an animated series (whose production he was involved in) and movies. He still received - and enjoyed - fan mail from avid D&D players past and present.

2008: Leonard Rosenman, film composer, diesLeonard RosenmanOscar-winning Film and TV composer Leonard Rosenman dies at the age of 83. Known for such movie scores as East Of Eden and Rebel Without A Cause (both starring James Dean), he also created the music for pivotal SF movies such as Fantastic Voyage, Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home, Ralph Bakshi's animated rendition of Lord Of The Rings, Beneath The Planet Of The Apes and Battle For The Planet Of The Apes. He also scored episodes of TV's original Twilight Zone, Amazing Stories and The Alfred Hitchcock Hour, among a great many others, including National Geographic and Jacques Cousteau specials.

2008: Sarah Jane Adventures action figuresDoctor Who action figuresBritish toymaker Character Options releases a wave of three action figure double-packs from the Doctor Who spinoff The Sarah Jane Adventures. Made in scale with the company's popular range of Doctor Who toys, the spinoff characters do not sell well enough to justify the manufacture of a second series of figures. More about Doctor Who toys in ToyBox

2007: Battlestar Galactica: MaelstromBattlestar GalacticaSci-Fi Channel airs the 50th episode of Ronald D. Moore's re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica. More about Battlestar Galactica in the LogBook

2005: Galactica: Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me DownBattlestar GalacticaSci-Fi channel airs ninth episode of Ronald D. Moore's re-imagining of Battlestar Galactica. Kate Vernon guest stars. More about Battlestar Galactica in the LogBook

2005: Stargate Atlantis: Letters From PegasusStargate AtlantisSci-Fi Channel airs the 16th episode of Stargate Atlantis. Amanda Tapping (Stargate SG-1) guest stars as Colonel Samantha Carter. More about Stargate Atlantis in theLogBook

1999: Red Dwarf: Back In The Red, Part IIIRed DwarfThe 47th episode of the science fiction comedy Red Dwarf airs on BBC 2. At the conclusion of this episode, the main characters are sentenced to time in "the tank," where they remain for much of the rest of the season. More about Red Dwarf in the LogBook

1998: Voyager: The Killing GameStar Trek: VoyagerUPN airs the 85th and 86th episodes of Star Trek: Voyager. More about Star Trek: Voyager in the LogBook

1998: Babylon 5: Secrets Of The SoulBabylon 5Cable channel TNT premieres the 95th episode of J. Michael Straczynski's science fiction series Babylon 5. More about Babylon 5 in the LogBook

1997: A near-Mir-missMirCrew members of space station Mir and Russian ground controllers practice manual remote control of an unmanned Progress supply vehicle near the station. Where most previous Progress spacecraft have automatically docked using the KURS radar system, Russia is now seeking alternatives, as the Ukraine-made KURS hardware is proving too expensive to keep buying for non-reusable vehicles. During Mir Commander Vasily Tsibliev's attempt to redock Progress M33, the remote control signal is interrupted, leaving the ten-ton Progress barreling toward the station. Fortunately, it narrowly misses Mir, though the remote control issue will resurface more dramatically with the next Progress craft to visit the space station.

1996: Xena: The ProdigalXenaThe week-long national syndication window opens for the 18th episode of Xena: Warrior Princess. Tim Thomerson guest stars as Meleager. More about Xena: Warrior Princess in the LogBook

1994: STS-62Space ShuttleSpace Shuttle Columbia lifts off on the 61st shuttle mission, a two-week visit to Earth orbit carrying two cargo-bay-mounted experiment systems operated primarily from the ground. Crew members participate in experiments involving the side-effects of long-term space travel. The crew for Columbia's 16th flight consists of Commander John Casper, Pilot Andrew Allen, and mission specialists Pierre Thuot, Charles Gemar and Marsha Ivins.

1978: Doctor Who: Invasion Of Time, Part 5Doctor WhoThe 478th episode of Doctor Who airs on BBC1. Milton Johns and John Arnatt guest star. This is the first appearance of the Sontarans since 1975. More about Doctor Who in the LogBook Order VWORP!1 from theLogBook.com Media

1972: Doctor Who: The Sea Devils, Part 2Doctor WhoThe 313th episode of Doctor Who airs on BBC1. Roger Delgado and Clive Morton guest star. This is the first appearance of the Sea Devils, identified here as an offshoot of the Silurian species. More about Doctor Who in the LogBook Order VWORP!1 from theLogBook.com Media

1967: Doctor Who: The Moonbase, Part 4Doctor WhoThe 152nd episode of Doctor Who airs on the BBC. This story sees the return of the Cybermen in a completely redesigned, more menacing form. More about Doctor Who in the LogBook Order VWORP!1 from theLogBook.com Media

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