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Published On: November 18, 2005

Doctor WhoDavid Tennant and Billie Piper star in a “special scene” written and filmed for the BBC’s Children In Need telethon. Not a spoof sketch, the short “mini-episode” bridges the gap between The Parting Of The Ways and the upcoming Christmas special, The Christmas Invasion. Though it can be considered an official part of the storyline, this is not considered a standalone episode of Doctor Who.

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Published On: November 18, 1999

Sontaran feetDapol, the makers of Doctor Who action figures, release a fourth wave of 3 3/4″ toys from the long-running series, including two varieties of Sontarans and the calcified Melkur from season 18’s The Keeper of Traken. Though not the last action figure release from Dapol, it will prove to be the last non-Dalek-related wave of Doctor Who figures before the Welsh toymaker loses the Doctor Who license.

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Published On: November 18, 1985

EnterpriseThe Space Shuttle Enterprise arrives to begin its new life as a star exhibit at the Smithsonian Air & Space Museum in Washington D.C. Having used the Enterprise as a test shuttle for landings and engineering fit checks, and having dispatched it on a world tour of air shows and other public appearances, NASA donates Enterprise to the Smithsonian, as any plans to refit it into a spaceworthy orbiter have been nixed by this point.

Published On: November 18, 1982

Pac-Man PlusStill trying to stem the tide of bootleg copies of Pac-Man in American arcades, Midway releases the coin-op conversion kit Pac-Man Plus, offering arcade operators an inexpensive (and legal) way to “freshen” old Pac-Man machines on-site rather than turning to bootleg enhancement kits, a problem that has been stealing Midway’s market share since Pac-Man became a hit.

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Published On: November 18, 1974

ELOElectric Light Orchestra‘s fourth album, Eldorado, is released, featuring the single “Can’t Get It Out Of My Head”. This is the first ELO album with a full orchestra (as opposed to previous albums’ practice of overdubbing three string players endlessly), and the first to be released in the US before its UK release date.

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Published On: November 18, 1961

RangerNASA launches the Ranger 2 lunar probe, intended to travel the distance from Earth to the moon and collide with the lunar surface, taking pictures and transmitting them back to Earth up to the moment of impact. Much like its predecessor in the Ranger series earlier in the year, Ranger 2’s Agena second stage booster fails, leaving it stranded in a low Earth orbit. Ranger 2 disintegrates upon reentering Earth’s atmosphere two days later, another blow for a NASA program that can’t seem to score a success.

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