2014: Escape Pod: August 27th

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2011: Doctor Who: Let’s Kill HitlerDoctor WhoThe 780th episode of Doctor Who (the 82nd since the series' revival) airs on BBC1. Alex Kingston guest stars. More about Doctor Who in the LogBook
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2004: Stargate Atlantis: UndergroundStargate AtlantisSci-Fi Channel airs the seventh episode of Stargate Atlantis. Colm Meaney (Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) guest stars. More about Stargate Atlantis in theLogBook

2001: Mario Kart: Super CircuitWarriorNintendo releases Mario Kart: Super Circuit for the Game Boy Advance in North America (the game had already been released in Japan a month earlier. The game is essentially a Game Boy Advance port of the smash hit SNES game Super Mario Kart. More about Mario Kart: Super Circuit in Phosphor Dot Fossils

1999: Stargate SG-1: Forever In A DayStargate SG-1Pay cable channel Showtime premieres the 53rd episode of Stargate SG-1. Erick Avari guest stars. More about Stargate SG-1 in the LogBook

1985: STS-51ISpace ShuttleSpace Shuttle Discovery lifts off on a mission to deliver three communications satellites to orbit. The triple payload includes SYNCOM IV-4, the Australian AUSSAT-1 satellite, and American Satellite Company's ASC-1. Discovery is manned on this mission by Commander Joe Engle, Pilot Richard Covey, and mission specialists James van Hoften, John Lounge and William Fisher. The mission lasts one week, and Discovery is able to return home a day early after achieving mission objectives ahead of time.

1982: Donkey Kong goes smallDonkey KongColeco releases the LED matrix-driven tabletop version of Donkey Kong in a colorful case with arcade artwork. The game play and graphics are somewhat lacking, but the mini-arcade games tend to sell well since they don't require connection to the family TV. More about tabletop mini-arcades in Phosphor Dot Fossils

1979: Discovery under constructionDiscoveryWith NASA anticipating ramping up its launch schedule to more than one shuttle flight per month to meet demand for the vehicle's unique satellite deployment and retrieval capabilities, construction begins on the third orbiter intended for spaceflight, Space Shuttle Discovery. Construction and checking of the third shuttle takes almost exactly four years, with Discovery's first liftoff about a year later.

1962: Mariner 2 launchedMariner 2NASA launches its first interplanetary spacecraft, the unmanned space probe Mariner 2, en route to Venus. During its three-month trip from Earth to Venus, Mariner 2 takes measurements of solar wind, charged particles, and an experiment is included to measure the amount of dust and micrometeoroids between the two planets. The probe briefly loses attitude control several times in flight, but regains proper orientation in each instance.

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