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2007: NASA rethinks Dawn cancellationDawnNASA reverses a decision made earlier in the month to cancel the asteroid-hopping Dawn mission, following appeals and assurances from the mission managers. Intended to use ion propulsion to visit to of the asteroid belt's largest bodies, Dawn's cancellation does have the effect of sliding the mission from a 2006 launch to a 2007 launch. The budget for the mission is expanded from $373,000,000 to $446,000,000, and arrival at its first target, the large asteroid Vesta, is still scheduled for 2011.

2002: Star Trek: Enterprise: AcquisitionEnterpriseThe 18th episode of the Star Trek prequel spinoff Enterprise premieres on UPN. Ethan Phillips (Star Trek: Voyager) and Jeffrey Combs, both veteran Ferengi guest stars on past Star Trek spinoffs, guest star as Ferengi characters. More about Star Trek: Enterprise in the LogBook

1989: Star Trek: TNG: The RoyaleStar Trek: The Next GenerationThe week-long national syndication window opens for the 37th episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. More about Star Trek: The Next Generation in the LogBook

1989: Phobos 2 and the curse of MarsPhobosThe Soviet Union loses all contact with the unmanned Mars probe Phobos 2 during a close flyby of the inner Martian moon Phobos, where the vehicle had been programmed to deposit a pair of surface landers. Unable to reacquire communications with Phobos 2, Soviet ground controllers later discover a fatal error in the programming of the probe's on-board computer, leading to a loss of attitude control similar to the incident that doomed Phobos 1 in 1988. Since delivery of the landers never occurs, the mission is deemed a failure.

1982: Pac-Man Fever on the chartsPac-Man FeverBuckner & Garcia's hit single Pac-Man Fever reaches its peak on the Billboard Hot 100, reaching #9 on the chart. Over a million copies of the single (backed with an instrumental version of the same song) have sold. More about Pac-Man Fever in Music Reviews

1981: PulsarPulsarSega releases the arcade game Pulsar in American arcades. The coin-op video game is a maze game pitting the player's tank against enemy tanks and the structure of the maze itself. More about Pulsar in Phosphor Dot Fossils

1980: Buck Rogers: Flight Of The War Witch, Part 1Buck RogersNBC airs the 21st episode of Buck Rogers In The 25th Century. Sid Haig (Jason Of Star Command), Pamela Hensley and Michael Ansara guest star. More about Buck Rogers In The 25th Century in the LogBook

1979: Blake’s 7: The KeeperBlake's 7BBC1 premieres the 25th episode of Terry Nation's science fiction series Blake's 7. This continues the story arc concerning Blake's search for the Federation's central control facility. More about Blake's 7 in the LogBook

1978: Blake’s 7: OracBlake's 7BBC1 premieres the 13th episode of Terry Nation's science fiction series Blake's 7. This episode is the second part of a trilogy spanning the first and second seasons, involving the acquisition of a supercomputer called Orac. Derek Farr guest stars. More about Blake's 7 in the LogBook

1971: Doctor Who: The Claws Of Axos, Part 3Doctor WhoThe 291st episode of Doctor Who airs on BBC1. Roger Delgado guest stars as the Master. More about Doctor Who in the LogBook Order VWORP!1 from theLogBook.com Media

1969: Mariner 7 launchedMariner 7NASA and JPL launch the unmanned Mariner 7 space probe on a mission to Mars, where it will be joined by its recently-launched identical twin, Mariner 6. Mariner 7 will take five months to reach the red planet, but on a slightly faster trajectory it will arrive just days behind Mariner 6. Both will fly past Mars twice as close as the planet’s previous unmanned visitors.

1968: Yuri Gagarin, first man in space, diesYuri Gagarin aboard Vostok 1Soviet cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin, the first human space traveler, dies along with a flight instructor in a MiG jet fighter crash. Considered too valuable a publicity asset to risk in another spaceflight, Gagarin had been barred from any further space missions. Several investigations into the fatal crash are conducted, with none of them reaching any definitive conclusions, though unfavorable flying weather and a sudden dive (possibly also a result of the weather) are commonly cited factors. Gagarin's ashes are buried in the wall of the Kremlin.

1965: Doctor Who: The LionDoctor WhoThe 64th episode of Doctor Who airs on the BBC. This is part one of the story now collectively known as The Crusade. More about Doctor Who in the LogBook Order VWORP!1 from theLogBook.com Media

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