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1998: Star Trek: DS9: ChrysalisStar Trek: Deep Space NineThe week-long national syndication window opens for the 153rd episode of Star Trek: Deep Space Nine. This episode is a follow-up to the previous season's Statistical Probabilities. More about Star Trek: Deep Space Nine in the LogBook

1994: Babylon 5: ChrysalisBabylon 5The week-long national syndication window opens for the 22nd episode of Babylon 5, bringing the show's first season to a close, despite being held back to air just one week prior to the second season premiere. This marks the final appearance of Michael O'Hare as a series regular. Ed Wasser guest stars as Mr. Morden. More about Babylon 5 in the LogBook

1993: Paramount announces network, new TrekUPNParamount formally announces its plans to start the fifth American television network, currently named simply The Paramount Network; at the time of the announcement, only one series - Star Trek: Voyager - is promoted to the press, though the show is still in the earliest stages of development. After an agreement is made to turn the new network into a joint venture with Chris-Craft subsidiary United Television (whose stations will become part of the new network), the network is eventually renamed the United Paramount Network, or UPN. It will be Paramount's third attempt at launching its own network, after the short-lived late '40s/early '50s Paramount Network and an aborted attempt to launch the Paramount Television Service (whose schedule was also to be anchored by a new Star Trek series) in the late '70s. More about Star Trek: Voyager in the LogBook

1993: Alan Parsons: Try Anything OnceJulee CruiseThe Alan Parsons solo album Before & After is released, featuring the singles "Turn It Up" and "I'm Talking To You". More about Alan Parsons Project in Music Reviews

1992: Star Trek: TNG: True QStar Trek: The Next GenerationThe week-long national syndication window opens for the 131st episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. John de Lancie and Olivia d'Abo guest star. More about Star Trek: The Next Generation in the LogBook

1988: Doctor Who: Remembrance Of The Daleks 4Doctor WhoThe 673rd episode of Doctor Who airs on BBC1. Michael Sheard, Simon Williams and Terry Molloy guest star in the opening story of the 25th season. The Daleks make their first appearance since 1985, and this is the final original series story to feature them. This episode also marks a major shift away from the comedy-oriented stories of the 1986 and 1987 seasons. More about Doctor Who in the LogBook
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1987: Star Trek: TNG: Where No One Has…Star Trek: The Next GenerationThe week-long national syndication window opens for the fifth episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Where No One Has Gone Before. This is the first episode featuring the Traveler, as well as Wesley Crusher's ascension to acting ensign. More about Star Trek: The Next Generation in the LogBook

1987: Doctor Who: Paradise Towers, Part 4Doctor WhoThe 663rd episode of Doctor Who airs on BBC1. Richard Briers guest stars as the Chief Caretaker. More about Doctor Who in the LogBook
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1984: GhostbustersAtari 2600Just in time for Halloween, Activision releases the Ghostbusters cartridge for the Atari 2600 home video game system, based on the hit movie of the same name. More about Atari 2600 in Phosphor Dot Fossils

1981: Blake’s 7: AnimalsBlake's 7BBC1 premieres the 44th episode of Terry Nation's science fiction series Blake's 7. Jacqueline Pearce and Kevin Stoney guest star. More about Blake's 7 in the LogBook

1980: Cosmos: Blues For A Red PlanetThe fifth episode of Carl Sagan's groundbreaking science documentary series Cosmos premieres on PBS. A popular history of science and scientific theory vs. tradition and superstition, segueing into Sagan's field of expertise (astrophysics), Cosmos is a major milestone in American documentary filmmaking and the popularization of science and the scientific method (and makes an instant celebrity out of Sagan).

1979: Intellivision introducedIntellivisionAfter over a year of play testing and preparation, Mattel Electronics launches the first major competitor to the market-dominating Atari VCS video game console: Intellivision (short for "Intelligent Television"). Boasting superior graphics and a library of the first-ever licensed sports titles (though licensed by various pro sports leagues, rather than by specific teams or individuals), Intellivision is well-poised to enter a market where sports games are all-important. More about Intellivision in Phosphor Dot Fossils

1977: Enterprise Approach & Landing Test 5EnterpriseAstronauts Fred Haise and Gordon Fullerton bring Space Shuttle Enterprise back to the ground safely for its fifth free-flight landing test, the second to land with the shuttle's engines exposed and the first to land on an actual paved runway at Edwards Air Force Base. The crew successfully compensates for a "bouncing" problem experienced on previous shuttle test landings, proving that Enterprise's sister ships should be able to land safely after returning from orbit. Following this test, Enterprise is slated to undergo a major refit to finish it out into a spaceworthy orbiter, but NASA ultimately decides the process is too expensive. This is the final free-flight of Space Shuttle Enterprise.

1974: Land Of The Lost: SkylonsLand Of The LostThe eighth episode of Land Of The Lost premieres on NBC, as the Marshall kids find a strange device that controls both the floating pylons and the weather. More about Land Of The Lost in the LogBook

1968: Soyuz 3Soyuz 3The Soviet Union resumes its manned space program with the launch of cosmonaut Georgy Beregovoy aboard the redesigned Soyuz 3 vehicle. The unmanned Soyuz 2 is launched the day before to serve as a docking target for Soyuz 3, but while the two vehicles pass close to each other, no docking is achieved. Beregovoy successfully returns to Earth - the first Soyuz cosmonaut to do so - after four days in orbit.

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