2014: Escape Pod: September 3rd

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2011: Doctor Who: Night TerrorsDoctor WhoThe 781st episode of Doctor Who (the 83rd since the series' revival) airs on BBC1. Daniel Mays guest stars. More about Doctor Who in the LogBook
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2007: Even Time Lords need a breakDoctor WhoHoping to stem endless press speculation, the BBC announces that Doctor Who will be taking a rest for much of 2009, with four specials keeping the series on the schedule rather than a full season. Fueling much of the speculation is the Royal Shakespeare Company's announcement that David Tennant has been cast in an extended engagement as Hamlet, a production which will be mounted throughout 2009. The BBC reassures fans that Tennant will continue in the role, and that a full season will be seen again in 2010. More about Doctor Who in the LogBook
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1997: Voyager: Scorpion, Part IIStar Trek: VoyagerUPN airs the 68th episode of Star Trek: Voyager, beginning the fourth season. Jeri Ryan joins the cast as new series regular Seven of Nine, a woman rescued from years of Borg assimilation. More about Star Trek: Voyager in the LogBook

1979: Star BlazersStar BlazersAn English rewrite and dub of the 1974 anime series Space Battleship Yamato, titled Star Blazers, makes its syndication debut in the United States. The series' first season chronicles a last-ditch mission to save Earth by retrieving alien technology from another planet within one year. In the English-speaking world, the series is "stripped" for daily broadcast (referring to airing the show almost like a daily comic strip, rather than any removal of show content). More about Star Blazers in the LogBook

1977: Doctor Who: Horror Of Fang Rock, Part 1Doctor WhoThe 454th episode of Doctor Who airs on BBC1. The Rutans, shapeshifting mortal enemies of the Sontarans, appear for the first and only time in the original series. Doctor Who's 15th season on the air begins with this episode. More about Doctor Who in the LogBook Order VWORP!1 from theLogBook.com Media

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