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2011: Doctor Who: The Impossible AstronautDoctor WhoThe 773rd episode of Doctor Who (the 75th since the series' revival) airs on BBC1, beginning the sixth season of the revived series. The episode sets up a time-bending paradox and guest stars Alex Kingston, Mark Sheppard (Battlestar Galactica) and W. Morgan Sheppard (Max Headroom), and introduces a new enemy, the Silents. More about Doctor Who in the LogBook
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2005: Doctor Who: World War ThreeDoctor WhoThe 703rd episode of Doctor Who (the fifth since the series' revival) airs on BBC1. Annette Badland guest stars. This is the conclusion of the new series' first two-part story. More about Doctor Who in the LogBook Order VWORP!1 from Media

2003: Enterprise: The BreachEnterpriseThe 46th episode of the Star Trek prequel spinoff Enterprise premieres on UPN. More about Star Trek: Enterprise in the LogBook

2002: Star Wars Episode II: A Tune Of The Clonesalbum coverJohn Williams' soundtrack from the movie Star Wars Episode II: Attack Of The Clones is released, with four different covers (CD contents do not change from cover to cover). More about Star Wars soundtracksc in Music Reviews

2000: Lexx: The BeachLexxSci-Fi Channel premieres the 36th episode of Lexx. Nigel Bennett (Forever Knight) guest stars as Prince. More about Lexx in the LogBook

1999: Farscape: Thank God It’s Friday… AgainFarscapeSci-Fi Channel premieres the sixth episode of Farscape. (Early episodes of this series are aired out of the producers' preferred story order or, for that matter, production order.) More about Farscape in the LogBook

1999: Lexx: The End Of The UniverseLexxSci-Fi Channel premieres the 24th episode of Lexx. This installment brings the second season to a close and propels the Lexx into an alternate universe. More about Lexx in the LogBook

1999: Best Brains closes up shopMST3KHaving completed the final episode of Mystery Science Theater 3000, Best Brains closes up shop and vacates the building it occupied in Eden Prairie, Minnesota for much of the series' run. A report on MST3K fan site The Satellite News mentions that smaller quarters will probably be set up elsewhere, primarily to store some of the show's key props, though many of the props will be auctioned off by Best Brains over the summer; the show's cast and crew are now officially unemployed. More about Mystery Science Theater 3000 in the LogBook

1997: Voyager: Real LifeStar Trek: VoyagerUPN airs the 63rd episode of Star Trek: Voyager. More about Star Trek: Voyager in the LogBook

1996: Star Wars: Shadow Of The EmpireStar WarsVarese Sarabande releases a CD of Joel McNeely's music for the multimedia project Star Wars: Shadow Of The Empire. More about Star Wars soundtracks in Music Reviews

1990: Alien Nation: Green EyesAlien NationFox Network premieres the 22nd and final episode of Alien Nation. Despite the cliffhanger ending and a vocal fan base, the series is cancelled after its first season, but Fox will later revive it in a series of TV movies later in the decade. More about Alien Nation in the LogBook

1990: Star Trek: TNG: Tin ManStar Trek: The Next GenerationThe week-long national syndication window opens for the 67th episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation. Michael Cavanaugh (Starman) guest stars. More about Star Trek: The Next Generation in the LogBook

1975: Survivors: GenesisSurvivorsThe second episode of Terry Nation's post-apocalyptic series Survivors, Genesis premieres on the BBC. Many of the series' regular stars do not appear until this episode. More about Survivors in the LogBook

1967: Soyuz 1Vladimir KomarovThe first flight of the Soviet Union's new manned space vehicle, Soyuz 1, lifts off from the Baikonur Cosmodrome. Though designed to accomodate a crew of three - and intended to be the answer to NASA's Apollo command/service module in the ongoing race to reach the moon - the first Soyuz is flown by test pilot (and close friend of Yuri Gagarin) Vladimir Komarov. Though early plans for the mission involve a rendezvous and docking with a second Soyuz, only one vehicle is available for the mission, and it suffers a series of technical problems. Though aware of the faults in the Soyuz design, engineers have been pressured to put a manned Soyuz in orbit for political reasons.

1966: Doctor Who: The Final TestDoctor WhoThe 114th episode of Doctor Who airs on the BBC. This is part four of the story now collectively known as The Celestial Toymaker. This is the only episode of this story not missing from the BBC's archives. More about Doctor Who in the LogBook Order VWORP!1 from Media

1962: Ranger 4RangerNASA launches the Ranger 4 lunar probe, built by Jet Propulsion Laboratory and intended to go directly to the moon, transmitting pictures of the surface back to Earth until it impacts the lunar surface. Another attempt to successfully launch the modified design including a seismology probe, this is the first Ranger launch in which the Agena second stage works perfectly. Unfortunately, a failure in Ranger 4's onboard computer sends it tumbling, unable to acquire communications with Earth. Tracking the transmitter of the seismology probe, NASA determines that Ranger 4 indeed slams into the lunar far side, but without taking or transmitting a single picture, still resulting in a mission failure.