Ship Of Tears

Babylon 5Bester comes to the station again, this time offering to help in the fight against the Shadows. He has information about a shipment of weapons components being sent to the Shadows, and Sheridan agrees to take the Psi Cop along on the White Star to intercept. But even Bester is surprised when the components in question turn out to be rogue telepaths who have been subjected to surgical implants that will force them to become the pilots of Shadow vessels. A number of important discoveries are made – the telepaths can merge with any computer system thanks to their implants, and the Shadows leave the White Star alone simply due to the presence of Bester. The pilot of the Shadow transport is a being called a Drakh, though no one realizes its significance. But all of these findings are overshadowed when the Shadows themselves break cover and begin attacking openly, starting with Brakiri space.

Order now!Download this episodewritten by J. Michael Straczynski
directed by Michael Vejar
music by
Christopher Franke

Guest Cast: Walter Koenig (Bester), Joan McMurtrey (Carolyn), Diana Morgan (Alison), Debra Sharkey (Med Tech)

LogBook entry by Dave Thomer