Umajets – Demolotion

Umajets - DemolotionAnother project by Jellyfish alumni Roger Manning and Tim Smith, this album sounds more like the first Jellyfish album than 1992’s Spilt Milk did, opting for Bellybutton’s slightly trippy sound rather than the Queen-like melodic hard rock of Spilt Milk. Things kick off with a wonderfully (and strangely) harmonized number, “Daphne’s Disease”. Other highlights include the somber ballad “Mother”, the 60’s-pop-inspired “Onion Umbrella” (well, the tray card says “union,” but the lyrics say “onion”), the excellent “Fly”, a commentary on a certain U.S. president who didn’t inhale titled “American 4 out of 4Pipe,” and quite a few others. Though I’m not sure that these former Jellyfish members share Jason Falkner’s ability to come up with a catchy song to go between all the catchy musical hooks, they do manage to sing out-of-this-world harmonies, making Demolotion quite a treat for those who thrive on vocal harmony.

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  1. Daphne’s Disease
  2. Half Man, Half Wrecking Ball
  3. Fly
  4. The Wannabees
  5. American Pipe
  6. Mother
  7. No Mattress
  8. The Middle of Monday
  9. The Walls You Walk Through
  10. A Girl Named God
  11. La Dia De Muertos
  12. Bring Back Our Super Hero
  13. Matador
  14. Union Umbrella
  15. Skywriting
  16. My Weary Eyes

Released by: Intrigue
Release date: 1994
Total running time: 64:64