Mike Oldfield – Ommadawn

Mike Oldfield - OmmadawnThis is another album I was introduced to in my radio days, and I still like it; it’s quite unusual sounding, to say the least. Some have described Oldfield as new age, but I don’t think that pigeonhole is one into which this album can be stuffed. The material is too experimental and avant-garde for new age, and is really in a class by itself. The intricate multilayered guitar and synth work is wonderful in itself, but that it can be stretched into a thirty-minute concerto with few boring interludes is a marvel. The silly little “Horse 3 out of 4Song” which occupies its own track at the end of the album is a nice diversion from the epic “Ommadawn”, but it’s that long stretch of the music that is the most attention-catching for me.

  1. One (19:19)
  2. Two (13:55)
  3. The Horse Song (3:26)

Order this CDReleased by: Caroline
Release date: 1975
Total running time: 36:40