Star Blazers

Star BlazersTitles and airdates shown are from the anime series Space Battleship Yamato‘s original broadcasts in Japan. Since Star Blazers was syndicated in the U.S. to individual stations and station groups rather than any one network, there is no set “airdate” for any of the episodes. Star Blazers premiered in the U.S. in 1977/78.

    Season One: The Quest For Iscandar – 1974

  1. S.O.S. Earth: Revive Space Battleship Yamato
  2. The Opening Gun: Space Battleship Yamato Starts
  3. Yamato, Take Off: The Challenge of 296,000 Light Years
  4. World Of Wonder: Yamato Leaped Past Light
  5. Escape The Floating Continent: Crisis Calls The Wave Motion Gun
  6. Space Destroyer Yukikaze Sleeps In The Ice Field
  7. Yamato Sinks: Fateful Battle To Destroy The Enemy Stronghold
  8. Yamato Braves Death: Destroy The Reflection Satellite Gun
  9. Revolving Defense: Asteroid Belt
  10. Farewell Solar System, From The Galaxy With Love
  11. Resolution: Break Through The Gamilus Absolute Defense Line
  12. Absolute Death: The Wishing Star Of Orion, Hell-Star
  13. Hurry, Yamato: Earth Is Suffering
  14. The Galaxy’s Ordeal: The Year 2200 Advances
  15. Desperate Escape: The Galaxy’s Different Dimension
  16. Planet Beemera: Underground Prison Of Condemned Criminals
  17. Charge! Ballonodon Special Attack Group!
  18. Floating Fortress Island: Two Men Brave Death
  19. Homesickness Of Space: My Mother’s Tears Are My Tears
  20. The Day Planet Ballan’s Sun Dropped
  21. Desperate Challenge From Domeru’s Fleet
  22. Decisive Battle: Fight For Honor At The Rainbow Star Group
  23. Finally Arrived: Crest Of The Magellanic Cloud’s Wave
  24. Death Struggle: God, Weep For The Gamilas
  25. Iscandar: A Dying Planet of Love
  26. Earth: Yamato Returns
  27. Season Two: The Comet Empire – 1978

  28. 2201: Yamato Returns!
  29. The Comet Appears: Remodeling The Yamato!
  30. Earth’s Crisis Awakens Yamato!
  31. Blast Off To The Unknown!
  32. Open Main Guns! Target: Yamato!
  33. Heavy Fighting: The Space Cavalry!
  34. Counterattack: The Unseen Space Sub!
  35. Space Storm: Escape Impossible!
  36. Charge! Sink The Yamato!
  37. Crisis Relief: The Roar Of The Undulation Gun!
  38. Leader Desslar: The Vengeful Demon!
  39. Will Yamato Perish In The Hollow Planetoid?
  40. Fierce Attack: The Telezart Landing Operation!
  41. Counterstrike: The Discovery Of Teresa!
  42. Teresa: The Beginning Of Love!
  43. Teresa: Farewell To Love!
  44. Telezart: Disperse Into Space!
  45. The Decisive Battle: All Ships Combat Ready!
  46. Yamato: Collision In Warp!
  47. Yamato: Hazarding A Surprise Attack!
  48. Courage: The Death Of Captain Hijikata!
  49. Yamato, Resist To The Last!
  50. The Destined Showdown!
  51. Life And Death Struggle: Two Brave Men!
  52. Yamato: Strategic Invasion Of The Imperial City!
  53. Be Forever, Yamato
  54. Season Three: The Bolar Wars – 1979

  55. Solar System Faces Destruction
  56. Great Battle In The Silver Stream
  57. Star Force Embarks At Dawn
  58. Shoot For Planet Mars
  59. S.O.S. Legendra!
  60. Great Battle Near Planet Brumas
  61. The Rough Seas Of Alpha Centauri
  62. The Last Pioneer
  63. Battle At Barnard’s Star
  64. Dagon’s New Fleet Counter-Attacks
  65. Star Force Faces Danger At Cygnus
  66. Stellar Prison Camp
  67. Dreadful Bolar Federation
  68. Subspace Submarine Captain: Galman Wolf
  69. Star Force Becomes A Prisoner
  70. Festive Day For Desslar
  71. Desslar’s Empire In The Moment Of Crisis
  72. The Angry Sun
  73. On The Way To Planet Phantom
  74. Planet Phantom
  75. Lost Hope
  76. Farewell Planet Phantom
  77. Battle At The Scalageck Star Cluster
  78. The Secret Of Planet Guardiana
  79. Star Force, Shoot That Sun
    The Movies: 1975-1983

  1. Space Battleship Yamato
  2. Yamato: The Final Voyage (In The Name Of Love)
  3. Space Battleship Yamato: The New Voyage
  4. Be Forever, Yamato
  5. Farewell To Yamato

The Yamato movies initially try to follow their own continuity (the second movie destroys Yamato and her entire crew!), but beginning with the third film they are more or less in line with the TV series.