Baby Grobags

Max HeadroomGone are the days when women had to spend nine months in the throes of pregnancy. Now their fertilized eggs can be extracted and placed in nutrient-rich Grobags, accelerating the birth, eliminating the pain of actually carrying the child, and even allowing parents to pay a premium to “customize” their offspring. One of Theora’s closest friends is giving the process a try, but when her baby turns up missing, Edison gets involved in the investigation. While Edison makes disturbing discoveries about the company offering this service, Ned Grossberg begins trying (and succeeding) to woo Bryce Lynch over to Network 66. But when Edison discovers a horrifying link between a wave of disappearances of genetically-engineered genius babies and Network 66’s new ratings hit “Prodigies,” will Bryce still want to join Grossberg again?

written by Adrian Hein and Chris Ruppenthal
directed by Janet Greek
music by Chuck Wild

Guest Cast: Charles Rocket (Grossberg), Amanda Hillwood (Helen Zeno), Jere Burns (Breughel), Hank Garrett (?), Lee Wilkof (?), Sharon Barr (?), Andreas Katsulas (Bartlett), James F. Dean (Chubb), Millicent Martin (Cornelia Firth), Carl Steven (Christopher Zeno), Rob Narita (?), David Hess (Network 23 Controller), Paula Marchese (Nurse East), Tom McGuire (?), Leigh Kelly (?), Robert Kerman (?), Kim Ameen (?), Mike Narz (?), Mary Kay Swedish (?)

Notes: Guest star Amanda Hillwood is the wife of Matt Frewer; she also appeared with him in Lawnmower Man 2 and Doctor, Doctor. This was the final episode produced, and it was not aired during the series’ original broadcast run.