Night Visitors

Logan's RunThe hovercraft’s solar power reserves run low as Logan drives it through a stormy night. He, Rem and Jessica stop at what might be an abandoned house, except that they see lights inside. They find the house full of antiques from the 20th century, as well as a mysterious couple whose every answer seems vague and evasive. The travelers from the City of Domes are invited to stay the night, but they soon find out that their hosts are expecting more company – and that this new arrival heralds a new beginning in an age-old struggle between good and evil, with Jessica caught in the middle.

Download this episodewritten by Leonard Katzman
directed by Paul Krasny
music by Bruce Broughton

Guest Cast: George Maharis (Gavin), Barbara Babcock (Marianne), Paul Mantee (Barton)

Notes: This is one of three episodes produced but not aired during the show’s original run on CBS. Aside from the pilot, it’s the only episode written by showrunner Leonard Katzman, who later became better known for producing the prime time soap Dallas. This is also virtually the only episode to spell out that Logan and Jessica are developing a relationship that’s more than merely platonic.

LogBook entry by Earl Green