Logan's RunLogan and his friends make an unexpected stop when they see a hooded woman laying unconscious in the desert. She thanks them for helping her, but runs away for fear of being seen in the company of stranges whose faces are uncovered. Others of her kind appear, discovering the runners and their hovercraft. Logan, Jessica and Rem are immediately recognized as runners and are detained – until Francis shows up to explain how Logan and Jessica have broken the laws of the City of Domes. The leader of the desert dwellers decides that Logan must face the consequences for his actions, sentencing the runners to death – but the Sandmen have their own ideas about justice, and now have to fight for their own lives to “extradite” their prisoners.

Download this episodewritten by Michael Michaelian and Al Hayes
story by Michael Michaelian
directed by Paul Krasny
music from stock music library

Guest Cast: Nehemiah Persoff (Asa), Gerald McRaney (Gera), Harry Rhodes (Samuel), Victoria Racimo (Mia), John Furey (Phillip), Anina Minotto (Aretha), Arell Blanton (Cell Guard One), Sherril Lynn Katzman (Second Woman)

Notes: This is one of three episodes produced but not aired during the show’s original run on CBS. Guest star Sherril Lynn Katzman (later Sherril Lynn Rettino) was the daughter of showrunner Leonard Katzman; he also cast her repeatedly in his next major series, Dallas. She died in 1995.

LogBook entry by Earl Green