Logan's RunLogan stops the hovercraft to assist a collapsed man in an unusual metallic suit. The man’s home is soon found, a village of advanced structures and others wearing similar attire. Logan, Rem and Jessica are invited to partake of the village’s hospitality in exchange for helping one of its residents, but Rem grows wary at an early stage. The android’s suspicions prove to be well founded – Logan and Jessica are drugged and interrogated, while Rem is taken away for closer examination. When Rem’s mechanical nature is discovered, he is interrogated as well, but he notices an unusual device which he deduces is a matter transmission device with an incredible range. Not only is the device beyond human science, but it’s obviously not of human origin: the already war-torn Earth now faces an invasion by alien beings using this “stargate” technology – and the aliens have found in Rem just the kind of technology they need to ramp up their invasion plans.

Download this episodewritten by Dennis O’Neil
directed by Curtis Harrington
music from stock music library

Guest Cast: Eddie Firestone (Timon), Paul Carr (Morah), Darrell Fetty (Pata), Ian Tanza (Arcana)

Notes: This was the last of three episodes produced but not aired during the show’s original run on CBS, and the final episode produced. Immediately before the end of the episode, watch closely for a shot in which the hovercraft is driving away from the aliens’ village and toward the camera – thanks to a little bit of lax editing, you briefly see the matte painting of village wind up on top of the “hovercraft” footage!

LogBook entry by Earl Green