Volume 1, Issue #3 – October 1994

LogBook #3With heaps of news and reviews, and contributions from Robert Parson (in the form of new articles and reviews, as well as a ream of lavender paper), theLogBook ‘Zine suddenly exploded into a real live, six-page beast. For the first time, staples were required.

Issue 3 PDF (7mb)

(Issue #2 is lost to the ravages of time – I honestly don’t have a copy of it in my archives. I’m fairly certain that it was a single-sheeter like the first issue, however. I don’t even recall what it covered.)

Issue 3 previews the second season of Babylon 5, the then-upcoming Showtime revival of The Outer Limits and Fox’s Alien Nation TV movie, and sets some elements of the ‘zine in stone: reviews of Star Trek episodes would be accompanied by small-font reprints of the episode synopses that were the mainstay of the text files that were so popular at the time. My friend Rob Heyman tackled the recent season of Star Trek: The Next Generation with his unique style, while I handled DS9 reviews; we were both, if I recall correctly, heavily influenced by Mark A. Altman’s review styles in Cinefantastique (CFQ) Magazine.

There’s also a telling indication that the aforementioned text files were still the chief export of the LogBook “empire”, with an announcement about the new ZIP file being available on a local BBS. The cover photo was an actual Warner Bros. Babylon 5 publicity photo from the TV station where I was working.