Volume 1, Issue #10 – June 1995

LogBook #10Another wallet-killing experiment in color printing was in the can, never to happen again (as announced in the lower left hand corner of the front page), and this issue was back to basics. With a decent number of screen grabs and graphics, and a relatively clean layout, this issue closed off some past gaffes (the RoxCon cancellation announcement) and included what nobody knew was a giant neon sign pointing to the future (“LogBook on the world wide web!”).

Issue 10 PDF (7.07mb)

Rob Heyman’s TNG reviews come down the home stretch in this issue, while I took over the Voyager reviews from here on out. Cindy Hill took over the DS9 review for this issue, and Bobby Miller chipped in again with reviews of the latest Earth 2 and seaQuest DSV episodes in a style similar to the Trek reviews. A new column, “Inside Them”, premieres here, with the intention being of taking the hints and backstory established about various alien species in TV and film and following those hints to their logical conclusion. The frst topic of this column was Star Trek’s enigmatic Trill species. Also, Rob Heyman – with my encouragement – took a stab at expanding theLogbook ‘Zine into action movie territory with his overview of the three Die Hard movies to date (accompanied by a bizarre Ren & Stimpy illustration – I forget what the reasoning was here, if any).